Sunday, September 25, 2016

Teaching My First Online Class

I’ve been so busy over the last 2 – 3 months working on creating my first online class to teach. It’s been a labour of love for sure and such a great learning curve.

I’ve been very fortunate since I first started making dolls in 2003, to have learned from some amazing designers and creative souls, and to name a few, would be not naming others who deserve to be listed. Simply put, I enjoyed every one of them along the way. Sadly many of them aren’t teaching anymore but they have given much of their time, so who can blame them. ;o)

This doll I’ve designed is not meant for a beginner, it is more appropriate for an intermediate/advanced doll maker. The inspiration is taken from a painting back in 1902 that I just love, called “The Crystal Ball”. It’s a John Waterhouse painting and what I really like about his work, is that he always depicts women in such a feminine, gentle and simple way. By simple I mean, minimalist. He put a lot of emotion into his work, which I can feel coming through each painting.

This is what the original painting looked like. Somebody kindly made this montage of images from the original.


This is my interpretation of the painting. I hope you will like it and if you feel so inclined to want to make this doll yourself, please follow this link to my website. On this classes page, you will find all the information you need, I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.

If you have any questions, please contact me and I’ll get back to you asap. There is an email link in the sidebar to the right.

There is a link to PayPal at the bottom of the classes page.  Thanks so much, and keeping fingers crossed that I see you in class.. Romona


Friday, August 26, 2016

Raggedy Kissie

Here I have the last of the three dolls for the shop/customer that requested it. This is a pattern by Patti Culea. I wasn’t sure exactly what the customer would like, so I think this will give her some options.


She is really sweet like the other two. Each has their own personality. ;o)  I used all cottons and almost all cotton laces, except what’s used on the lower leg for the faux socks.


The dress, knickers and shoes are removable.


The hair is made with strips of fabric from the clothing fabrics, and mixed with a hairy multi colour fiber.



And from the back, just as fun don’t you think? ;o)  And that’s it. I hope to have an announcement in the next couple of weeks. A special project I’ve been working on. Stay tuned. Enjoy…


Friday, August 12, 2016


This is my second little brown skinned doll. This is a design by Deanna Hogan, except that I changed the head. Except for rag dolls, I’m not crazy about pancake faces. My next doll is going to be a rag doll actually, so I will be doing a pancake face on her ;o) I really like this little girl, she stands just over 12” tall.

It’s a good challenge to do dolls of other ethnicities. It’s a good brain exercise to learn what colours should be used against which skin tones. Love learning. Here she is all around.


Her hair is needle sculpted to her head. I intended to give her a ponytail at the top of her head, but the whole while I was doing the needle sculpting, her hair kept flopping over to right side, so I said okay. You win. Adding the ribbon, and her hair was done.



There are no shoes in the pattern, but of course I had to make sure she has them on. Only you and I will know she has actual feet in there because I like to glue the shoes on the feet. I did, like the last doll, make the dress removable. She is wearing undies, so her modesty is protected.

To finish off, I stitched on some pretty ribbon roses and bunny charms. There is a border of straw ribbon around the lower part of the shoes. And there you are. Simple and sweet. Now off to make the rag doll. Back soon… ;o)


Saturday, July 30, 2016


NB: Before I go on, one of my wonderful followers sent me a message to say that the comments part of my posts was missing. I didn’t change anything, but it might have been kicked off at some point by Google+. That’s the only thing I’ve changed. If you’ve been trying to leave a comment and couldn’t, so sorry. I didn’t even notice there was a problem.


I’ve just finished this little girl for the shop. I have a customer that requested a brown skinned doll for her granddaughter and the shop owner also wants one for the store. So I’m going to make three dolls. I’m not sure if she wants a raggedy doll like the little one she had when I was speaking to her or if she wants a bigger one. She wasn’t really clear, but that’s okay. I’ll have three for her to choose from.

The first one is Bella. She is approx. 14” tall. The pattern said it would 18”, but it’s not. The arms and legs were way to too big for the body and head, so I wasted fabric, stuffing and time not checking first. However, I just assumed, obviously incorrectly, that the proportions would be right. I’m getting so that designing my own would be much easier and less hassle. I’ve had about 3 or 4 patterns over the past year or so that I had to fix, so not a happy camper.

The long and short of this is that, I had to resize the body and head for this doll upwards, to be proportional to the arms and legs, and decided to down size the arms and legs to match the original body and head. Now I have a pattern for a 14” doll and a 12’ doll. But no 18” like noted on the pattern. Of course after all that, I made a new head and grabbed the small one, AGAIN. Arggghhhh. I put that head and the small body in a bag and maybe it’ll get used sometime soon..

Here’s Bella. The only clothing that’s removable is the dress. I stitched all kinds of buttons onto the pants, and rather than gather the waist and calves, I just made pleats. The colour on her cheeks isn’t quite as pronounced as it looks in the picture, I’m not sure why it shows up like that.


Aren’t the sneakers cute. I got them at a little shop about three years ago and thankfully I bought a few pairs, because soon after she closed up the business. The socks are faux, I just put the ribbing around the ankles and tucked them into the shoes. I glued the shoes onto her feet, the ribbing is also glued in place. I  stitched the knots of the laces so they can’t be undone.

I don’t know which of the dolls will go to the little girl, but if it’s this one, for sure I figured it would be too tempting to take the shoes off.


Her hair is four different colours of mohair locks. The colours are two shades of brown, a light pink and a light turquoise. I gave her acrylic eyes. The fabric is a quilting fabric, and I was really happy because it has a faint marbling throughout, which helps with the skin tones.

I love the cotton print, and I had some bird charms in my stash, so I attached one at the neck of the bodice. The dress opens in the back so it can be removed for washing if need be.


And here she is close up from one profile to the other. Am halfway through the next doll, will post that very soon. Enjoy… ;o)


Sunday, July 17, 2016


It seems to me, that for me personally anyway…….. when it rains, it pours.


I thought I would take time off this year and just create a little at a time, take a rest from the crazy, overworked, insanity of last year. It’s not a complaint, it’s just a learning curve. Say no when you need to, don’t try to spare feelings at my own expense.

But as a creative person you don’t get to choose the option of taking time off, it’s all or nothing. It was quiet at the beginning of the year and grateful for that, but now it’s the Christmas kind of feeling that’s starting to insinuate itself into my creative life. ;o)  And I don’t mind that at all. Have already been having discussions about Christmas sales projects. Better some notice than last minute.

So having finished this commission art doll that I showed you the accessories for, it’s now all done and put together and I can move on to another order. A very quick and easy project compared to what I just just finished. Stay tuned. Here is Patrick.

My customer is happy, the recipient is happy and he is planning to put the doll in his office. I hope to get a picture from him when it’s there. It’s a character face, not a portrait. I decided that it was quite a lot of like him before the grey cells moved in and took over. ;o) We decided he’s a bit swarthy and perhaps a bit of Clark Gable. Just a little. ;o~


You’ve seen all the individual pieces except for the helmet and goggles. I checked with my customer to see if he preferred to have the goggles over the eyes or on his head and he chose the head. I think that was the right thing.

You know, I really love these challenge dolls. They force me to dig deep and think, first of all….how to combine themes. This one is a lawyer/pilot. And secondly, figuring out now to make things to go with the doll. It’s easier to just go and find things online, but there’s a certain sense of satisfaction that comes from making accessories for my dolls. It somehow makes it more authentic, just my humble opinion of course. I can’t make everything a doll might need, but certainly I can make a lot of things.


These goggles are a good example of learning. I just used pictures from Google as a reference and just played around, peeled glue off my fingers, played around some more. Cut more leather pieces, cut plastic circles, cut bigger plastic circles and finally they cam together.


He has his wig and briefcase. I wanted to curl the fingers more, but with my luck, I would have have been able to get the handle over the fingers after, but it still came together just fine. The boarding passes are tucked in his jacket pocket.


The scales of justice compliment the pilot wings and coat of arms.


And that’s all for today. I hope to have something else to show you soon. I am also working on a big big project for September, so stay tuned for that also….. Back soon.



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