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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Collectible Christmas Stockings

These are just the best stockings to make. They are Cheswick Company designs, the finished look is just so perfect. I fully line mine, and I love that touch of lining that I have at the top edge of each of them. It’s like a surprize element to the work. So here they are, three of them you’ve seen before if you’ve looked at my Stockings tab above. I labelled each one, so you can find the design you might want to make yourself. Click HERE for Cathy’s Etsy shop.



Fireside Glow


Holly Jolly


Let It Snow


Light of the World


Nordic Sock


Olde Glory


Silent Night


Fhil the Christmas Elf !

How are your Christmas projects coming along? I’ve been working on the last of the Christmas pieces to go to the gallery. I just have a fun Santa to make and then my time is my own.

I volunteer at the gallery every Friday morning, and that’s really fun because I get to see all the wonderful work the other artisans do and get some inspiration for my own. After the Santa is done, I plan to start working on a collection of doll designs by Becky Holloway, based on The Nutcracker. I’ve loved that story since childhood, and since learning how to make dolls, I’ve wanted a collection of the main characters to display for Christmas.

Without any further delay, I present to you, Fhil the Christmas Elf. This is from a class with Diane Zammito. I don’t know if she’s teaching or designing anymore because this class was from quite a long time ago, but she does still have a website for some of her designs/kits and extras. Click HERE.

Fhil is such a cute elf and the technique of using an Altoid tin box for the trunk of his body is brilliant. Here you go. I purchased the faces from Diane but had to paint the facial details on.

A little about his costume. Instead of sewing the sleeves like the original doll, I used the top half of a pair of kids socks. They are Christmas themed and seemed just right. There is a glittery polka dot ribbon used throughout to co-ordinate with the sleeves. The hat and trousers are a stretch velvet. The leggings are cut from a stretchy head band from the $ store.

Although you can’t see much in the pictures, his hair is orange/yellow. His shoes are made with soft leather. Because his tin is so full of toys and such, I kept the embellishments on his costume down to a dull roar or that would be all you would see of him. In the instructions, Diane has painted the hands a flesh tone, but I kept them white to give the appearance of gloves.



So many options for filling his toy box. There’s everything from Christmas bulbs to snowmen, skateboards and even a miniature gingerbread cookie cutter. Even a block with the letter F to help remember his name. ;o) There is a little elf sitting on a peanut in his lap to finish off.


For the tips of his shoes, I used what I think are called end caps for jewelry making. Not sure about the name but they look kind of cool, like he does have a bit of hip and swagger and finally the wood stump has become one of my go to bases for some of my dolls. It comes from our wood pile and gives a fun and natural look to those dolls that need a little prim touch. Enjoy…..


Sunday, September 24, 2017

Shabby Rose Fairies 2017

As promised, here are the Shabby Rose fairies for this year. I used approx. 23 different fabrics, and a few one offs. There are mostly two fairies for each fabric and those few one offs. For each set on fairy is flying with straight legs, the other will bent legs.

Their wings are made with a combination of feathers, floral spray leaves, and floral spray flower petals. I buy them at different times of the year, but at Christmas time I look for the flowers because of all the glitter and other effects they are treated with. I think the shop owners are getting used to me coming in for them, they know they are going to be dismantled.  ;o)

The other embellishments are seed beads for wrist and ankle bracelets and the faux perfume bottles I showed in a previous post.

Here you go with the parade of fairies, and at the end, you’ll see how I have half of them hanging on the tree (even through the nose ring), waiting to go to the gallery on Tuesday… You can hardly even see the tree anymore, the fairies are everywhere. lol  A little hard to photograph to do them justice. I would normally pin them to the board, but this time I didn’t put hanging cords on them, just regular hangers. Look in a previous post to see them, they are really pretty gold scroll hangers. I laid them in groups to photograph them. Hopefully you can see them well enough. Enjoy. ;o)


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Tree Fairies or A Fairy Tree?

After a lot of fussing and tweaking and repeat, the tree was dressed with fairies. Then I noticed a glaring blank spot between the nose and the top, so another branch had to be added. I used a pattern by Brenda Coulter, but enlarged it by about 150%, so that it stands approx. 27” tall. Click HERE for Brenda’s Etsy shop. The pattern costs next to nothing, but was just the absolute best thing.

I did the branches a little differently, not by a lot, but because the fairies are displayed there, they had to be carefully placed so the fairies weren’t crashing into each other. Here’s the front view, can you see the face?

Using a selection of batik fabrics, I cut squares for the body and made a patchwork effect piece of material. After cutting out the pattern, you can see how they morphed and formed some nice curved lines, rather than just straight up and down. The branches are made from full pieces of batik, not pieced.


Here’s a profile picture. I haven’t put branches on the back side because this way it can go up against the wall and will hopefully not stick out too much. With lots of visitors at the gallery show/sale, I don’t want people bumping into it and the fairies would be most upset if they got knocked off.


I didn’t do any sculpting on the face, just applied the eyes and eyelids and stuffed the nose well. On the branches, I stitched on split rings to hang the ornaments from, even gave him a nose ring, just couldn’t help myself. ;o)


The finishing touch was to glue on some moss pieces here and there to give the tree a bit of a woodsy feel. Tomorrow I’ll post the pictures of the fairies and how they look on the tree. Half of the fairies will go to the gallery on Tuesday, the rest as needed throughout the 3 month show, along with a few Christmas themed ones. See you tomorrow… ;o)


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Beaded Watering Can

Another day another project. This time I took my inspiration from a Pinterest image. Click HERE. Sometimes there is just that one thing that catches your eye and you can’t forget it. I have it hanging outside now and I really love how it came together.

I will have to bring it in when the rainy season begins. We get a lot of rain and because of that, algae tends to grow. I don’t want that all over the beads and crystals. Might give it that aged look, but not this time and not this project. The cracked glass beads I found on this SITE, and there is so much to see there, it’s a great place to hang out. The shipping is very fast, I think they must have a US source to ship from, because they are based in China. The prices are very good and having ordered a few times, I can say with confidence that they are reliable.

I had a bit of a puzzle to figure out how to attach the strands of beads to the spout. After trying a few different ways, I finally settled on feeding the fishing line (use a heavier brand if you decide to do this), from the bottom up of each strand. I added the tiny bead at the bottom and then ran a double line of cord through the beads.

Then I fed those through the holes in the spout and out through the back of the spout. Good thing the spouts come off. Then I had to use a large eye, long needle to feed the cord back through the holes in the center of the spout to come out at the front. I added a small bead and a crimp and that’s how I did each one. When they are hanging down, you can’t really see the center unless you go looking for it.

I didn’t go into each hole on the outside edge, instead, every other one. There are two strands of each colour combination and in the very center hole, i added two strands of faux crystal beads just to hide the crimped beads a little. Hope you like this and think about trying it yourself. I found the watering can for $20 at a local garden center and I plan to leave it the aluminum colour it is. If sometime down the road it becomes tarnished, I will consider painting it then. Enjoy… ;o)



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