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Monday, March 18, 2019

Week 12-Polymer Clay Challenge

For week 12 of the challenge, I have these green boots. These are the boots I used when I made my crow, Treasure Hunter. He is a few posts back if you want to see him again.

An aside from the challenge. 

So bummed. My Open Live Writer program for blogging needs updating, so now everyone who uses it, has to wait. It was kept up to date this long by volunteers, so can't ask people to keep doing it for nothing. I would be willing to pay for the software if someone would make it work again.

Also, I heard from someone who found my blog and was commenting on resizing pictures. He appreciated the link to the Affinity Photo program I use, and offered a link to a site he thought my followers might find useful. 

I checked it out and it works. Since I use my photo program daily I am fine continuing on with that, but here is the link. Click the circle in the center and follow the prompts. I find it to be more steps than what I do, but for someone who doesn’t have a graphics program, you might find it very useful. It’s user friendly.

Thank Alyn, your email was appreciated.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Michaela–Week 11 P C Challenge

I wasn’t actually going to include this in the weekly #2019PCChallenge, but why not. It’s a clay sculpt and it was challenging myself, so that’s my reasoning. ;o)

Michaela is a bust doll from a class I bought on Adele’s site. The designer is Maria Saracino and while it’s nothing like any of her samples, I feel good to be able to say it’s an original due to the sculpting itself.


Starting at the bottom, the pedestal base is made up of small wood pieces glued together, then I secured that to a bigger base to balance the whole piece. The paint I used is called a 100% Acrylic Polymer Emulsion in Bronze colour. I found it locally, but it’s online HERE

Around areas where things join together, I glued on some beaded trim for added strength and the screws at the bottom are covered with same said beads.


The costume is all made of hand made paper. Not made by me, wish I could take credit for that. But I used two different colour combinations, black/gold and white/gold. The hat is my own idea but hats are so easy to do and so great for dolls. The trims on the hat are both crystal and plastic.


Her hair is from mohair locks. The back is tucked into the back of the hat with a few strands in front for effect. Then the hat is pinned and glued in place. I covered her hand with a piece of black Venice lace. The sleeve is gathered at both sends. The look is finished with a big neck ruffle, while the rest falls across her shoulders and held down here and there with touches of glue. At bottom of the bust, the bust is inserted into the pedestal, and there is more of the beaded trim to secure that area.


Monday, March 4, 2019

Week 10-Polymer Clay Challenge

For this week of the #2019PCChallenge and for the month of March, I am working on doll shoes. If you watch my blog, you’ll have seen these in a past post. I love these, just fun to do. These are my Blue Suede Shoes.  If you go back a couple of posts, you’ll see who got to wear them. ;o)


Monday, February 25, 2019

Week 9-Polymer Clay Challenge

A very quick post. This weeks sculpt for the #2019PCChallenge is a Cardinal head. It’s very hard to photograph red without the right filter and conditions, so I hope you can make out the little bit of detail around her eye.

I have no idea when she might become full conceived, but at least she has some plumes and bling to keep her happy for now.


Monday, February 18, 2019

Blue Suede Shoes

Here is the Crow I created from the crow head I sculpted and posted last week. I made a little nod to Elvis. Just had a moment where I wanted to make some blue shoes, so first came the head, then came the shoes. Now I had to put something in between.

I was given this doll size guitar some time ago and finally found a way to use it. A couple of years ago someone was clearing out their stash, and from that person I was able to bet some wonderful soft leathers. I hate to use big pieces of it because that means I won’t have any left. Just not satisfied. Either we clear up our stash, or we want to keep things “just in case”. The dilemma of the creative mind. ;o)

So here we go…. I used clay for the shoes and a touch of blue leather for trim. The vest is made with the blue leather and lined with black/white checks and I carried that down to his faux trousers. I found the hat in a shop over on Salt Spring Island a couple of years ago and see, everything eventually gets used. 

The feathers I ordered from a nearby seller on Etsy, Mountain Feathers. He’s very fast getting them in the mail and his prices are fair. I hope you enjoy Blue Suede Shoes. He’s going to the Gallery February 27th, along with Treasure Hunter and my two cloth dolls. It’s a short show, hoping someone with love these guys…


Week 8-Polymer Clay Challenge

This week I made a head like a Stellar’s Jay. I definitely didn’t stick to a script. I really did intend to do the top of the head the right way with the feathers.

After making the first crow and now I’ve finished the second one, I just kind of drifted into a different direction. A normal thing to have happen when you set your mind to doing one thing creatively, all of a sudden you’re doing something else.

I added feathers and bling to this one, so it wouldn’t look so barren. ;o)) I have no plan for how this bird will grow into a full bodied bird, but time will tell. The colour is actually a dark navy blue and I’ve added details above and below the eyes which don’t actually occur in real life, but I thought they looked kind of cool.


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