Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Trilogy of Reviews–Part 3

In this review, I want to draw your attention to Mimi’s Mannequins and Pattern Draping.  Last fall Mimi and Jim posted a Kickstarter campaign. I’ve never donated to a fund raiser, but Mimi being such a pioneer in the doll making world, I felt it was important for me to support a cause that means so much to me.

She is one of those people who  really had to start from scratch and figure out how to do everything and then so generously shares that with all of us who share her passion for doll making. After seeing the volume of work and details that have gone into this new DVD set, I can honestly say, that when i work on my dolls, Mimi will be in my head making sure I have done things properly.

I once heard someone say they had made a Mimi doll and the details went on and on. That is so true, but when you look at the finished product of what you have just made, there is something to be said about doing your best work and taking the time to do so.

This new set from Mimi is “Mimi’s Mannequins and Pattern Draping” is comprised of 6 hrs of video and hard copy information.


What you will learn in this set is how to make a male and female doll without the costume, and then use those mannequin dolls to learn how to draft patterns for the costuming.


The doll making portion is 4 hours of video with pdf files for each video, so you will have both visual and hard copy to learn from. The other two hours you will learn the pattern drafting for costuming your dolls so that you can make other costumes later. You will have the corresponding pdf files for those videos.


You will have the patterns for making the dolls and the costumes shown on the DVD jacket, and how to make them well. Everything is in this set, right down to the shopping list to print and take with you to pick up what you need.

If you aren’t a dollmaker but thought you might what to try it sometime, I would seriously think about this set. Mimi covers it all from the absolute beginning, right down to what happens if you sew over a pin and what happens to your sewing machine needle when you do that.

For seasoned doll makers it’s a wonderful opportunity to refresh your skills, maybe tune up things you may have gotten a bit slack about. Hands up, I have from time to time done that, and just made more work for myself because I had to go back and fix my lazy moment. If I have spurred you on to at least follow the link below to Mimi’s site, there you will find a sample video and other snippets from the set to download and read over. So enjoy , I certainly did. ;o))

CLICK HERE for Mimi’s Mannequins and Pattern Draping

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Google Friends Connect Widget

Google has made changes (thanks for posting this Deb) which in essence means, if you do not have a Google account, you cannot follow my blog using the Google Friends Connect Widget.

This is completely out of my control but I am sorry if you are forced to create a Google account to continue following me. There are two positives to this though. IF you choose not open a Google account, you don’t have to. You can scroll down the left column of my blog and subscribe to my updates that way, and you can bookmark my blog if you just want to be able to come back and see something from the past.

The other positive  is that with a Google account, at least you will have a back up email account. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s entirely up to you. I’ve had email from a couple of people lately whose accounts have clearly been hacked. If this should happen to you, all you need  to do is change your password. I had it happen last year and my ISP told me to do that and the junk email supposedly coming from me and too me, went away.

Sorry that Google has changed the option of needing a Google account, but bloggers have no say in it, so we just hope you will continue to follow us. On my blog you have the alternate option of subscribing to my blog, I hope that’s an option for you..;o)

Have a great rest of the week, Romona

Leta Benedict–Mini Santa

About a year ago, I put out a call to a couple of friends to find something for me. Leta Benedict is my all time favourite designer but she doesn’t design anymore, sadly. I have all her doll patterns, but her mini Santa has elluded me for ages. I couldn’t find it anywhere and Leta herself doesn’t have a copy of her own either.

Now I know I can easily reduce her other full size Santa doll pattern and make it work, but if you’re anything like me, you want what you want. LIke a dog with a bone. A facsimile is just not good enough, but after exhausting all my options I called on these two friends. I told them both if they find the pattern, I would make them a Santa. One of them tried and tried and just couldn’t find it either.

I then asked the second person and the next day he found it. A person in the doll  club he’s with, has it. She didn’t want to part with it, but said if Leta would agree to let her scan it, we could do that. I contacted Leta who said that was fine with her, and the next day, I finally had the pattern. Perseverance pays off. Even though it’s not an original I am just happy to have it.

I was so busy leading up to Christmas, I just couldn’t get it done for either of us, but now I’ve done them. Mine is hanging in my workroom, my friends is on the way to him. He wouldn’t let me show him a picture, he wants to be surprized. ;o))) Here they are. Mine is the red with black and white checks. The purple,  gold, green combination looks really regal. My Santa is holding a mini blown glass ornament of another Santa, my friends Santa is holding a snowman. They measure approx. 5” tall.

Anway, tick that off my list, next !!!


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Knitted Projects

At night I’ve been knitting some small projects. A couple I did in time for Christmas, the rest, well just because. I have been enjoying not working on a time line and so out came my knitting needles and here is the result.  These first two scarves I did before Christmas. Same pattern, just knitted on different sized needles. Paddington agreed to be my model. This tan coloured scarf I deliberatly knit loosely. It was well received, and a number of people were trying it on.  The teal one I did a tighter stitch on smaller needles.



This next set came from a magazine I picked up in 2011. if you can still find it, or a back copy, it’s a really good issue from Creative Knitting. Here are a few examples of what’s in it. I’m a person who likes simple knits. Much prefer practical and functional sweaters and more. If I’m going to spend the time knitting them, I have to really like them.


I fell in love with the fingerless gloves pattern back then and like other projects, started and didn’t finish. Sounds so famiiar, oh my. But I am plowing through things and marking them off. The scarflette as they called it, wasn’t actually on my mind to make, but i like the gloves so much, I decided to knit  the scarf too. I love all the different colours and patterns. The scarflete is knitted in the round on dbl pointed needles, so what you see is a dbl thick scarf. I wore these out today and they are so cozy.


As Paddington will show you, the scarflete has a unique way of fastening. Rather than flip it around your neck, you knit an opening into the last section and then slip the other end through that. You could have the scarflete resting sideways or just down in front.


The last project i just finished tonight is this scarf and hat set. The yarn is a silk blend, so the hat isn’t itchy to wear. I bought another of these gorgeous big buttons and two of other style and colour to dress up the hat. Maybe I’ll test drive this set tomorrow, if Paddington will share it with me.

The third part of the Trilogy of Reviews is coming. There is a lot involved with the last one, but soon…;o)


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Why She Quit Facebook!

Do you ever spend just a bit of time watching YouTube videos??  I do that for a short while in the morning, just to see if the people I follow on there have posted anything new. When the YouTube page first comes up, it has all kind of video's showing and that's of course to get you watching. Each time you load YouTube, it randomly reorders those videos so unless you open a new tab for something that interests you, you will have a hard time finding it again.

I found this one, and thought I wonder what her perspective is because everyone has one. This woman says what I think but puts in such a perfect way. I've always said FB is a time suck and unless you use it for keeping in touch with family and friends who aren't close by and if you promote your business on it, I just don't see the value of FB. 

Whatever happened to writing a physical letter that you can read and re-read. Pick up a phone, there's probably billions of them on the planet. Actually talk to one another.

But that's just my opinion, and I'm hearing others by way of their comments, that I'm not alone. I think this video is really creative and fun and made me laugh out loud at the end.... so I hope you enjoy it as well...


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