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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

So Sorry….

Hi everyone…. This is just a quick post to say sorry. I don’t know what’s been happening with Gmail, but I haven’t been receiving the comments you’ve been leaving. I had an email tonight, directly, not through the blog, to alert me that they had been commenting and were not hearing from me. I appreciate so much the wellness check as well, by the way.

I went and checked Blogger settings, and there were a whole bunch of comments waiting to be published. They have all been published now and thank you all for the great feedback.

I will be keeping a closer eye on the comments from now on, right on Blogger apparently. How annoying, as if there needs to be any more additional things added to my day. ;o~

Some nutty things going on with Google these days. Wish they would just get on with what they started out to do which was to offer their services to us and leave the politics out of it. I suppose I can’t really complain since what they give us is free, but still.

Have a great week everyone and stay tuned for more posts about Artisans…. Romona

The Flower Girl

This is my latest piece. It’s an original design inspired by French painter Catherine Chauloux, titled “The Florist”. This is the original painting that inspired me. I adore her style of painting, it’s whimsical, so much fun and rich with colour. It’s no wonder I was drawn to her.

The Florist by Catherine Chauloux

This is my interpretation in a 3 dimensional form. I called her The Flower Girl, without even realizing until I started this post, that her painting is called “The Florist”. I had no idea but what else would she be called. Here is the full length version with many more pictures to follow. I have her coming out of a flower pot, which has an inside base of glitter gravel, and paper roses like those bouquets she is holding.


A little closer look reveals that she is wearing a lace blouse that you can only sees snippets of. The lace is wide, but I had to piece it together in order to be able to use the scalloped edge for the ruffles at her wrists and neck. Inside the jacket sleeves, there are actual blouse sleeves, and the bodice is covered with lace as a complete blouse.


The skirt is made from a scarf, similar to that of a pashmina. Her jacket is a stretch velvet as is the beret.


The pot is actually more of a cherry red colour, but as is always the case, red is a hard colour to photograph for novices with no special filters. ;o~  I hope you like her as much as I do. I was so excited to see her done.

She will be at the Artisans show/sale which starts October 6th. Please check my WEBSITE for details. If you are local and planning to visit the gallery, be aware that the 2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships will be on right in front of the gallery, for the first week until the 14th. The parking lot will be full of food trucks, so only street parking will be available. Consider coming after the 14th unless you like all that excitement. ;o))


Friday, September 14, 2018

Sea Jewels–Ornaments

My first set of ornaments are these Sea Jewels. This is from a class with Marla Neiderer called Sea Princess. I’ve used batik fabrics that make some of these ladies look like they’ve just risen from the sea. I’m thinking they are more like half mermaids. ;o))) 

I’ll be posting again on the weekend with another set of ornaments.


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Gallery show - Wrap up - Pros and Cons

Hi everyone. It’s been about 6 weeks or so since the gallery show. It was an interesting experience to say the least. I’m going to post just a few pictures to give an idea of how things we displayed and then give my thoughts on the good and bad of doing shows.

This tea set was the biggest hit of the show. There were so many interested visitors but it didn’t sell at the show. It may have since then but the price was very reasonable and the display was truly the highlight. Deb who created the set has other places she sells from, so I’m pretty sure it won’t be around very long. Deb brought a good selection of furniture pieces, and a few odds and sodds.

Kirsten was the clay artist and while she more pieces to show, these pickled chicks in the martini glasses and the ogre drew the most attention. She’s a very good artist with a very fertile imagination. ;o) Lots of people also liked the baby dragon in the hand in the bottom left of the picture. It takes the right person to match with the right art piece. We were all waiting for someone to take home the ogre, but nobody was brave enough. ;o~

You’ve seen all my projects from other blog posts, so I won’t go on about them all. I’m just showing a bit of how I displayed them. This particular prop I made with two shaker boards, dowels and coffee cup hooks. Add some paint and you have a great display piece. I have a second one painted in a dove grey.

This was a wide glass case and many of my dolls were able to be together, along with the fobs and tassels.

More dolls hung out together in this slimmer case.

This is a sign I made to hang in the window behind me. It was fairly high up but nicely visible from the playground area just beside the gallery. It brought people in which was great. Anyone coming in would see it on the window and it helped to describe what the show was about. I did the lettering on two pieces of poster board, added some checkered tape and a few bits of bling, just for a subtle touch of shiny. Sorry about the wash out on the right side of the picture, but I was trying to brighten it up from the grey it was.

This last picture is that of the table where I put the Hatter Hats with my stick pins and the other was for the draw.

So now my thoughts about the show in general. Well mostly good thoughts. I sold the most of the four of us that were displaying. I enjoyed meeting each and every person that came through and my thanks to those of you I spoke to directly that came out and supported me. It meant a lot and was much appreciated.

I was asked if I would be doing a show next year and no I won’t be. You will notice that I said 4 of us were in this show, but I have only displayed work from 3 of us. I don’t reward bad behaviour as Dr. Phil would say.

Two reasons I won’t do a show again.  Working with others can be a great experience but it can also be a not so nice experience when someone in the group has control issues and yes, the traits of a bully as I found out on more than one occasion. Two of the other artists were really nice and we enjoyed some good conversation and compared notes about how to sell and where etc.

However, when you reach a certain age, you should have grown out of the need to control and bully others. If you haven’t matured to that point by middle age, it’s probably not going to change and those around you will avoid you at all costs. Bullies and control freaks are usually people who are insecure about themselves for some reason. I’m sure everyone has been treated badly by a bully and we never know what the reason is, but we know to stay away from that person. You will never get a sincere apology or recognition of what they did and that it was inappropriate. So there it is.

The second part of “would I do a show again”, was also no. If I were to do another show, it would be on my own but it’s far too much work for one person to do alone between the setup, being there all week and the take down. So no. I will participate in gallery shows as an artist but having a private show, no.

But on the plus side to end off this post. It was a good experience overall. Some wonderful feedback about my work, and shows me that I am doing the right things that people enjoy. Now I’m on to projects for the fall show/sale at the gallery. I will be posting very soon about what I’m making for that. Back soon… ;o)

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Mad Hatter…..and done !!!

The last doll is done. I truly hope after all this work, that the show is successful. Just doing this as a one off. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the process or that my enthusiasm is in any way less than I began with. It’s just a LOT of work. Maybe it’s also because I’ve never done this before so it seems huge… In any case, am leaving in a couple of hours to meet with the others to set up the display.

This is the last doll for the show. I’m sure the Hatter doesn’t appreciate being last, but it is what it is. My version of Suzette Rugolo’s is a younger version. Suzette’s has the older face and a bit of a beard with a softer colour hair. I stayed with the full on orange hair, with touches of yellow. ;o)

Details, details.

My Hatter has his top hat embellished with gears etc. and his costuming is as the pattern, all except for his shoes. I have a good collection of high top sneakers that are actually lefts and rights (instead of the key rings that only go one direction), and I couldn’t pass up on giving him a pair of these.

I also used this whicker chair for him, because #1 I didn’t have time to make the one in the pattern, and #2 he actually looks good in this one. I had to make a big cushion for him to sit on, and it all worked out.


I have a collection of mini teas sets and this tea pot worked out just great for Hatter. It’s actually good quality china, and made sure it’s glued everywhere and pray that it stays put, I even glued the lid on. Fingers crossed.


Aren’t his shoes great. The original pattern includes directions for spats, but because my Hatter is younger looking, the high tops seemed to be a good choice.


A little closer. And that’s it. I hope you like him. I probably won’t be posting anything until next week. I’ll take pictures at the show and post a few of those later on. Take care and enjoy..;o)


Friday, July 13, 2018

Alice and her Flamingo

Counting down. You do realize after all this preparing, I will start again soon on projects for the fall/Christmas Artisans show/sale. But first I have one more I’m working on for this show, an ornament for the giveaway and then setup on Sunday night. After the show, I think I’ll just crash and burn for a short while, so some clearing up and play in the garden and then maybe give some serious thought to getting back on my bike for at least some kind of riding before the end of summer.

Now, on to Alice. This is my version of Suzette Rugolo’s design. I did reduce it by 30% as I think a bit smaller is more enticing to buyers, at least I hope I planned that right.

The fabric is like a newspaper print all about Alice. She’s trimmed with a couple of different sizes of eyelet lace, a ribbon with cupcakes and the best flamingo socks. I found those about 2 years ago or so and have been waiting to cut them up and give Alice some funky stockings.



She has her flamingo and hedgehog ready for the next croquet match with the Queen, oh my.  And don’t you just love the shoes. I had planned to make the ones in the pattern, but I’ve had a collection of little shoes for a while and this seemed like the right doll to give these ones too. I bought a number of pairs from a shop a long time ago and she actually was in the process of closing, so I got a discount, who doesn’t like discounts.


So that’s Alice and her friends. I’m really happy that the face turned out. Even after all this time, I still pitch heads and blown seams on hands in the garbage. I had a head for Alice but her eyes were way too far up the face, close to the forehead (I mean really close), so I redid it and it is much better. It’s what happens when you rush and think you’re going to get things right the first time, no problem…


And of course the back view. I hope you like Alice. Enjoy ;o)



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