Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mixed Media Art

Mixed media art is amazing. The more you do it, the more you free up your creativity. I so enjoyed making this piece at the beginning of the year.  Read on…..


Janet, at the tea shop, had to move this piece to an upper shelf because even though there is a sign to please not touch her, I guess they can’t help themselves. This whole process was so much fun and sometimes I think you need to do things that you normally don’t do often, just to jumpstart others avenues of who you are and where you are going with your art journey. This is a link to the original post.

If you aren’t inspired to make some magic after watching this video…..then I guess you continue to search.. But I think you will be mesmerized watching her create this piece. Then head over to her You Tube channel, link below, and watch more of her videos.

This one is sped up and is 15 mins. long, and if you’re like me, I couldn’t look away. I was so enjoying watching this all come together. It’s like I said in a previous post, it’s like layer after layer to reach the final look that you want for whatever art you are creating. I hope you enjoy this and be sure to watch some of her other videos. 

The Making of a Group Hug

Here is her YouTube channel link.  YouTuber “Willowing”.

One I would really recommend is her interview with Byron Katie. I had never heard of either of these wonderfully inspiring women and it’s not just about art, you will see for yourself and take from this whatever helps and/or inspires you.. Enjoy. ;o)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Barbie and Asian Themes

Hi everyone. Here are the last of the displays. There will still be the front case that changes on a weekly basis. I will keep taking pictures of those dolls and share them later on. The most recent one is adorable. She is a Snow White porcelain doll from 1937.

Thank you for the emails and blog comments. Seems that the display is causing some of you to reflect back to your little girl days, even to the point that one of you took your doll apart to see how it works… Big oops… But as little girls, we wanted to see how things happen. I still have a Bugs Bunny from that time, and even when I pull the cord, it does talk, although not so well as he once did… But he’s still a cool bunny..

There are signs for each of the displays below, so I’ll just leave those to explain the dolls to you. 

Here comes  Barbie..







And now the Asian themed doll collections.

These are my favourite of all the displays. These charming little dolls are only about 6” tall. The costuming is so detailed and yet they appear so simple. They just speak to me., not exactly sure why, I just find myself going to see them each time I’m at the museum.. ;o) They just seem so real I guess, like a community of little people perhaps.



Then there is this collection. These are amazing in another way and my 2nd favourite of the exhibit.. Again the details are so beautiful.



And that’s it. Except for those cases at the front that will change weekly and I’ll send those pictures as the dolls arrive. This week its Snow White, not sure what’s coming next, so stay tuned.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Christmas in July Part 2

The 50th Anniversary couple I have been working on is complete. Just waiting to hear back from the customer. Fingers crossed.  A few pictures of the gentleman’s details,

The glasses are so simple but work. I just used jump rings the size to fit the eyes, wrapped two strands of thin wire together, then back on itself for the center. Added a drop of glue on the back side to hold the wire still, then used the double thick wire to make the sides that would go over his ears if he had any. ;o)

Instead I just poked a hole in the side of his head, dabbed the wire with glue and pushed the glass handles in. I also put a couple of pins in his face to hold the glasses in the right position until the glue dried.


Here you can see his tie, belt, shirt and on the vest, left side of the picture, tiny little black buttons.


The shoes are the same leather as his hat band, belt and tie.  The gold trims are also trimmed with tiny gold beads on either side and I even made him socks that will never be seen, but  you and I will know they are there.


Here he is in his coat, hat and scarf.


And of course the Mrs. with her hat and hood, also wearing glasses.. The gold trim holding her coat together is the same as his shoe trim.



And the happy couple are done and ready to go to their Anniversary couple. The request was to have them hugging or holding hands. So on one side he is holding her hand on the other they are leaning into a hug, all the while looking at each other. ;o)


How many times do you hear me say I watch out for doll embellishments. Well look at his umbrella…. If you push on the handle it’s actually a pen, but look how perfect it works with his coat. I was so pleased to find that, so much that I bought 2 of them.


And that’s it. I hope you like them. People that came through the museum to see the doll exhibit, came to watch the progress, so that was a lot of fun.  Back soon with the last of the exhibit pictures. 


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mash Up 2

I hope you’re enjoying these. First up in this post, Composition Dolls. I am learning about dolls from the past during this exhibit. I knew nothing of these ones. The explanation as per Google.

“A composition doll is a doll made partially or wholly out of composition, a composite material composed of sawdust, glue, and other materials such as cornstarch, resin and wood flour. The first composition dolls were made in the 19th century. They were marketed as unbreakable, compared to earlier more fragile dolls.”



Fashion Dolls


I hope you can appreciate these ones as I’ve photographed them. There are lights all around, so some pictures have to be taken from the side to avoid most of the glare. These dolls are so detailed…


This little case is near the front door, and each week or two, they are featuring a different doll. As they change I’ll take pictures to show you.


Amateur to Pro



Around the World

These are the last for today. I will have one more post to cover two specific themes in the next post and that’s all. But what a lot to see. A number of ladies have told me how much the exhibit has taken them back in time seeing dolls that they had themselves. There have been a lot of grandmothers coming in with their grandchildren, (yes - boys and girls ) and that’s a good thing. They seemed to be enjoying themselves. ;o))



Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mash-Up 1

There are a few display cases for the exhibit that have a few dolls from different categories. I thought I would just show you a mash-up in a couple of posts.

Let’s start with these walking dolls. They are approx. 3’ tall. I remember these, so I guess that’s aging me. ;o~




Next we have a collection of American Girls. They were apparently so popular at last years exhibit, so here are just a few to enjoy.


Here we have more life size dolls. These really are the size of little girls. So cute.


And how about some ladies visiting and chatting about their dolls.


How about a look into a Boutique window.


Today, I’ll finish up with some stars of the Silver Screen.

In another day or two,  I’ll post the doll order I’m working on. I’m around the corner with it, on the home stretch now. See you soon, ;o)



Friday, July 17, 2015

Christmas in July

Here we go again don’t we. Starting our Christmas projects. This one is for a customer, whose friends are celebrating their 50th Anniversary in December.


I’ve been working on this while I’m doing my demo days at the museum. People are enjoying watching how dolls comes together, one woman commented on how they are put together in layers. And that’s really the best way to describe how it works. Layer upon layer until you get to the end.

I hit a wall for a few hours trying to get her shoes the way they were meant to go. I wanted to do one thing, my muse was pulling in a different direction. She won, I tossed out what I was trying to do.

In these pictures you’ll see that I’ve done two layers of organza for under her skirt. The shoes are a red vinyl. I wanted black leather, muse wanted this. She was right because the black would have disappeared into the black leggings..


Her panties are made with a satin brocade with an Asian print. You can’t really see that, but there little red daisy shaped flowers on tendrils. Aren’t the boots fun. I had planned more of a fur top to them, but it wasn’t going to happen my way. Who says a 50th Anniversary means buttoned up and mature, let’s go with fun and a bit out there. ;o)


I had made a blouse using the pattern, but it didn’t fit and that was actually a blessing. It was white and just didn’t work, too white. I dug out this piece of cotton that has the tiniest little red flowers on it, drafted a new blouse pattern and now she’s dressed.

Although you can’t see them, she does have her lady parts on top. They are quite perky too. I had a piece of fabric at the ready in case someone came in with a small child, (which they did), to cover her up. Fortunately I was able to quickly sew her blouse and get it on her before they came in. ;o)

I gave her half lace sleeves and made the wrist ruffle much bigger and the same on the neck. The sleeves will be hidden in the coat, so no point making full ones on the blouse. The front is overlaid with lace and just for that little surprize thing, I stitched on a little green sparkle at the front. Nothing else is green, so that’s just one of those little, “oh” moments. Before finishing off the bottom edge of the blouse, I added a cream colour trim.


And this is where I left off yesterday. I do have a coat almost ready for her, just have to sew some seam binding around the inside edges. I’ve used the brocade on the inside for facings and I made a hood for the coat and used the brocade to line it.

The brocade, even though I zig zagged the edges, still wants to fray a tiny bit. To avoid a problem later on, I am going to cover the inside edges all around with black seam binding and that will fix it. And so, for now, she has her skirt on. This is a stretch velvet.  For this little lady, I just have to give her some hair and glasses, make her some gloves and finish with putting it all together. Then onto the male. More pictures coming soon..



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