Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I’ve been working along making accessories the pilot/attorney. I poke along like a turtle, but I do eventually get where I’m going. This is what happened on my worktable this past week or so.

First these are the shoes I made for him. They are a medium weight leather, embroidery floss for the laces and narrow elastic around the bottom. The base he’ll stand on, is a piece of hardwood left over from our floors, it has pilot wings on the front, as well as the trim you see. In between the wings is a metal button with a coat of arms on it, no telling where it is meant to identify. The bottom is covered with black felt.


The next part is three necessary items for flying and dealing with legal issues. He now has a silk scarf, boarding passes I miniaturized to tuck into his jacket pocket, and look at his cool briefcase.


I love to experiment making things for my dolls, it just seems to be what I end up doing. I’m not happy unless I can somehow really personalize them, especially when they are commissioned dolls.

For the briefcase front and back, I used two  2 x 2 mini framed canvases. I covered them with a vinyl fabric that looks like leather. The briefcase does not open. I did think about doing that, but decided that it was best kept closed. The hinges on the bottom are from $ store boxes and because the canvases are framed, that gave me a good base for attaching the hinges with the screws.


On the top, I added 2 mini belt buckles to resemble the latches to open the briefcase, they are hand sewn on. To finish off, I used a piece of 1/16th size wire, covered it with the vinyl and hand stitched the underside of the handle. Extra length of the wire is tucked in between the two layers and glued in. This was so much fun to make.


The final two accessories were also an experiment and challenge at the same time, but so happy with the end result. To tie in the attorney theme, my customer asked me to make one of those wigs they wear in the higher courts and to exaggerate it somewhat. So my character will be holding his wig in one hand, the briefcase in the other. The wig is made with a fibre called Tencel. I just rolled up a bunch of curls, joined them together and then lined part of the wig with some gauze.

The second part of the lawyer theme, are the scales of justice. This was an interesting challenge and now I know what to do to keep metal parts together, at least things that won’t be moved and handled.

I used one of those mini candlesticks I showed you a while ago. I attached some watch parts, a little cabochon at the top, brass filigrees and chain for the scales, and finished with small cap ends for the scale bowls? Wonder if that’s the right term… The parts at the top are connected with apoxie sculpt, and painted gold.

So check them out, aren’t they fun. The last two parts will be a leather helmet (I’m not sure if that’s the right name for it) and then his goggles. Right now I’m working on his head and hands, then I can put this all together. Back soon with the final look… ;o)


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pilot / Attorney

This is my latest commission piece. My customer has a son who is an attorney and also has his pilot’s license (for personal use, not commercial). He asked if I could combine the two themes. I never say no, I just say sure, and figure it out later.

This is where I’m at. I have him dressed, down to his shoes. I still have to finish the sleeves of course, but eventually there will be cuffs on them.


Adding to the details will be… a briefcase next to his feet. I was asked to make a helmet with goggles, and to add more to the attorney theme, he will be holding a wig in his hand. The kind that are white with rolls of hair that they wear in supreme court.

I have made him a jacket. It’s a bomber jacket and the pockets are functional. I’ll be miniaturizing something to put in them. Maybe a boarding pass, or map. Not sure, but I will send pictures when I’m further along. In the meantime, here is the jacket.

The leather is some of what was sent to me, the border, cuffs and neck are knit ribbing fabric and a black/gold colour of beads for the buttons… I haven’t fully decided whether to cut buttonholes, but I’m leaning to the no side.

Back soon, ;o))


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Catching Up!

Time just seems to pass by so quickly but it’s that time of year. The garden beckons, the spring cleaning bits, the falling behind in doll matters. It’s always the same, catch up just to fall behind again. It would be so boring if it always went like clockwork, but I would be organized wouldn’t I.

I’ve managed some personal sewing. I did the top and pants of the pattern I showed you, but the dress part of it, has so many moving parts, I had to set it aside for a while. It’s right here, but only just hanging on a table lamp wishing and hoping for me to notice it’s there. I did have it started, but the stabilizer I used was too heavy and when I looked at the pockets, they stuck out like a hot air balloon. I took that all apart and applied a really lightweight stabilizer, held it up but didn’t like how the pockets bagged.

So I stitched the pockets closed and will go back to that another time. As it turned out, I intended to wear them when my friend and I went over to Saltspring, but it was so bitterly cold and wet that morning, I reverted back to the basics. Ah well, another day.

I got these few things done. Not terrible exciting for you, but below these pictures, I added some doll inspirations, perhaps. So first, the top (which is so comfortable, as are the leggings below. And I made a pair of pj bottoms. I love to lounge around at night in those and t-shirts. Comfort is paramount.


This is the doll head I managed to get done, and you can see I really was channeling Dobby without meaning to. And below these pictures, a little more of my amazing doll findings.


I was out with a friend yesterday for lunch. She wanted to go back to the thrift store where I found those mini books last month. I wasn’t intending to buy, let alone find anything, but yes I did.

I always hope to find doll furniture and I found this perfect wicker chair. It stands 11” tall, the depth is 6” and width 5”. Absolutely perfect for a project I hope to have done for September and along with the other find yesterday, I am totally focused now on what I am planning. This chair is in absolute perfect shape, all it needs now is a cushion and arm pads. I’m going to leave it the natural colour. The second find is even more fun. See below.


Aren’t these candlesticks brilliant. If I went looking for these I would never have found them.

I think some are made by a person who is very creative. As I was cleaning them with Brasso last night, I noticed that some creative soul has truly made some of these out of brass parts. They are all solid brass. 4 sets of 2. I am so excited with this find, just like those books.

The center set are 3” tall, the ones on the right are 2 3/4”, the ones on the left are 2 1/2” and the ones in front are 1 1/2” tall. What a treat. I guess it’s all about being in the right place at the right time without even trying.

Well, that’s all I have for you today. Take care and have a wonderful week…. ;o)


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Music has charms to……

soothe the savage beast………..

Is it any wonder why I so often just shut off the sewing machine, sit back, listen to the Zen music that soothes the energy in my workroom, and just watch him sleep.

He’s so calm and just can’t keep his eyes open with the Zen music and me working along quietly. He is very much a part, however sweet he is, of why I have to stop and wait and do get behind. Ask me if I care. ;o~

This is so much more peaceful than the raging world, so I think I’ll enjoy all these moments every time they come around regardless of whatever else is needing to get done. 

The body loves these times, it responds to it very well. ;o)



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