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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

New Project- chair I can’t use

I intended to use a chair covered with a felt blanket for my fairy to sit on with this project. But once I had the base put together, the proportions were completely off and even if I used it for other figures, it’s actually still too big for the size of this base.

This is the chair, well, rather a love seat. I used several colours of wool roving and felted it with my embellisher. I enjoyed the project even though I can’t use it this time, but it was a good exercise to get me back to using my machine. Having not used it for a while, I of course created holes that I didn’t actually want. ;o~  What I learned when that happened, you can fold felt on top of itself, run it through the embellisher and make those holes disappear and just go over and over the folds to make those disappear too.

After creating the piece of felt, I draped it over the love seat and with needle and thread, stitched it in place. Even though I can’t include this in my project, it’ll be there for another time. I’d like to increase the size of the base, but it’ll get heavier and heavier to lift by the time all the elements are added…

Another post to come soon with pictures of the fairy.

Here is the chair before the blanket. It measures about 6” wide, about 3” deep and tall.


Monday, July 8, 2019

Week 27–30 Polymer Clay Challenge

This month I have made Mrs. Claus ornaments for the challenge.  I like to play with skin tones, so I have made them to be a companion to the Santa ornaments from last month.


Monday, June 24, 2019

New Project– #1 fairies and books

I’m starting a new project. I don’t know how long it’s going to take, but I do have a time limit and there is one more project after this one.

This first one involves many parts and I’ll continue to post the different parts as I go along. I’ve never tried this before, another learning curve and challenge I’ve given myself. Trial and error are the best teachers there are.

These little books measure at the tallest, 2 1/2”. They are different types of leather covers, the green is a heavier leather, the middle book is a faux leather, the brown is a soft leather. The inside pages are images to go with the story I’m creating.


These little cuties are pretty tiny, at least by my estimation. The fairy in purple is wearing a soft leather tunic and wrapped with bits of purple and white lace around her body and arms. A tie of yarn around her waist. Her hair is a faux fiber. Her shoes are three colours of polymer clay and molded onto her legs. She stands 5” tall.


The little fairy in green is wrapped in ecru lace pieces. Her tunic is made from handmade paper and tied with yarn. Her hair is yarn tied in knots, and her little shoes are made of three colours of polymer clay molded onto her legs. She sits 3” tall.


Much more to come over the next little while, so come back and see what’s new.


Saturday, June 15, 2019

Chem Trails-pay attention

People roll their eyes at me when I mention chem trails. However, it doesn’t matter to me. I know what’s going on and I only wish others would pay attention. There are two things in the sky, one is contrails….. definition

con·trail  /ˈkäntrāl/

noun  North American

plural noun: contrails

  1. a trail of condensed water from an aircraft or rocket at high altitude, seen as a white streak against the sky.

Don’t be fooled by the difference between those and chem trails. Contrails are visible for about a minute after a plane passes over, then they disappear.

Chem trails do not. Chem trails look the same, but the difference is that they do not dissipate, they spread out over the sky. If you search for both in Google, you will get identical pictures. They are far from identical. There are links below to two videos, and I’ll leave it to the experts to explain the dangers of chem trails. After viewing them, my hope is that you will be more informed and less skeptical.

The man in this video, Dane Wigington, is the expert on this topic. His group has filed a class action law suit in Canada, the first of it’s kind on this topic, so this is not witch craft, it is an absolute danger to humanity.  Bees are dying, alzheimers and dementia are increasing.. It’s the aluminum in the spraying, and that is only one of the chemicals.  CLICK HERE

About 3 years ago I got very sick for about 3 months. The symptoms included a persistent cough not allowing me to lie down to sleep, breathing trouble, headaches, flu type symptoms of all kinds. I couldn’t figure out what was happening, as I seldom get sick. After doing some research I came across this video. This doctor was describing the very same thing I was suffering with. Take a few mins to listen to what he has to say before you poo poo me. It will be worth it.   CLICK HERE

Here are some pictures of the skies over my house all last week. When I see them forming, I know what’s coming next. They spread out and block the sun, then the temperature drops and we get those cold winds. The sky is a beautiful blue, and in no time, it’s totally white, no more blue to be seen.

This is not for climate control in a positive way at all. It’s making people very ill and in some cases they are dying. If you have a veggie garden, please make sure to soak your veggies for at least 30 mins. and rinse them well, even though you are growing them. The stuff falling from the sky may not be visible to the naked eye, but it is there and is landing on everything, including your garden.


In this picture on the left, I caught a plane making spewing out the chemicals. The picture below this one, I tried to zoom in on my graphics program to get a better look, but any closer, the picture blurs too much. 

This is today’s sky over my house. They are all over the sky. The first picture is a row after row of chem trails. Look at the next picture to see how they had spread out in a matter of about 15 mins. I hope you took the time to watch those video’s, I cannot express to you how important it is to understand what is going on. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and all the best.


Friday, June 7, 2019

Week 23–26 Polymer Clay Challenge

So I’m posting these in advance for the month of June. It just seems easier than posting each time I have an addition to the polymer clay challenge. For this post I have started on ornaments for the Artisans show in the fall. These are the first four, Santa Head ornaments.

I used different press molds and then altered them to include the eyes, rather than painting them. Then I made some little changes to the expressions. I’ve also used different coloured clay for skin tones. I have a box of real fur from very old coats and jackets and the heads are embellished with wreaths, a charm and clay holly leaves and berries. They each have either a velvet or stretch velvet hat. The locks for the whiskers are from a local fibre artist.



Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Harry and Hester Underbridge

And finally, here they are together. Presenting Harry and Hester Underbridge. Like that little play on words for the last name. These two definitely do not live under bridges. They want to be the mold breaker for all trolls and those in the future.

Harry just has a bit of hair at the back, and the toque he wears to keep his head warm, is knitted from a pattern I came up with. It’s just a very simple knitting pattern, you can find that on my “Little Doll Things” page of my blog, click the name of the pattern and you’ll be taken to a pdf to download. The pattern comes with a simple scarf as well. Easy peasy.

There is one thing I want to point out about the base. I used to work in home care and one day I was at the home of a very lovely couple and the husband liked to do woodworking. I told him I was a doll maker and with that, he gifted me with a piece of wood he had created, to use as a base or in some other way.

If you look further down in the pictures, you’ll be able to see the 3D effect. If you like artwork by M.C. Escher, you’ll understand the effect he has created with thin pieces of a balsa type wood, adhered to a thin piece of plywood and a light stain. The boxes appear to move when you angle the wood in different directions. It’s quite amazing.

So here they are together in their family portrait and a few extra pictures from all angles.



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