Monday, January 19, 2015

Men’s Brains Vs. Women’s Brains

Just a little something to give you a laugh to start your week off right. I wish this was longer, but maybe it stops just at the right spot, you can decide  ;o)

Send to your female friends who already know this, but like to hear it.

And send it on to those confident men who can handle it.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fairy - So Far

What a crazy week. A couple of months ago I got this nerdy idea to be part of the Windows 10 Beta testing group. We installed the beta versions on our laptops because we don’t store much on them and if things didn’t go well at least there would be virtually nothing lost. All was well until recently. As updates came in and changes were happening, one by one things stopped working properly or at all. Didn’t even notice that the security software disappeared.

I decided that it was time to bring it to an end and revert back to Windows 7. Long story short, that didn’t happen so easily. The Windows 10 Beta version does not give you an opportunity to uninstall it and go back to your original OS. I even did something on the computer that was a MS function to try and salvage it but that function totally hooped my laptop, so no choice but to redo things which was a huge learning curve. But I got it done.

The only contact I had to make to MS, was to reactivate a program. The last time that happened, I had to practically crawl on my hands and knees to prove I had a legal copy. Now it’s automated. You just follow the prompts and they can verify everything automatically by what information you give them. In about 5 mins. the program was activated and no human contact to grovel to. Thumbs up to MS for the new system of authenticating their software

I think after this experience I should apply to MS for a job. I managed to finally get a clean install and upgraded to Win 8.1 X’s two computers. No more beta testing. I’m so glad that I’m not afraid to make mistakes because this would have been cause for a complete meltdown…

With of all that over the past few days, I didn’t get much time to work on my clay fairy. I do have a start on her though.

The front… clearly I have work to do on her, but I have the main shape finished. Now it’s just fine tuning. You can see how tiny she is by the ruler next to her. By the time she’s done, she’ll be a bit over 6” tall.


You can see by the back that she’s looking more masculine than fairy like, but that will sort itself out. It’s good to take pictures and see them on the screen, I find it brings things into perspective and shows me where I need to fix things. I can see her shoulders are to manly and one is higher than the other. One arm is larger than the other but she does have a pretty cute little butt. In this picture you can also see the size of her sideways.

That’s it for now. See you soon…


Sunday, January 11, 2015


Well, I gave myself a pat on the back the other day. I finished the Pixies I had planned for this past Christmas, but refused to let them linger as UFO’s. That’s exactly how clutter grows and I am refusing to let that happen. I knew a young lady once who never started anything new until what she was working on was done, I disliked and admired her at the same time… lol  What do you mean you have no UFO’s.. I vowed to be like her when I grew up. Perseverance reigns supreme, I got them done and packed away.

And here we are almost 2 weeks since we dismantled Christmas at the shop and someone came in looking for the Pixies… Sigh !!!! Perhaps she’ll get in touch. ;o~  Here they are, I had 12 to finish. These ones have white, ivory or black hair. If you remember the others had, brown, grey and plum hair….


In my clearing up at year end, I boxed up 90% of the Christmas baubles and put them together in the “go to the thrift store” boxes. Every year I make an extra ornaments or two for our tree. I am getting a wonderful collection and have decided to keep the baubles to a bare minimum. I have been finding that a lot of decorations are staying in the box and not being seen. I would rather have my own on the tree so I can appreciate the work in them and the fun I had making them.

These two pixies below are staying here and going on the tree next Christmas to join the other decorations. Fun fun fun…


I have 10 of my Shabby Rose fairies sewn up and ready for stuffing, but am going to put them aside for a few days to give my hands a rest from all the tiny ornament making work.

Instead, I’ve put together this little wire armature to start on a clay sculpt. I keep saying I want to elevate my dolls by making some OOAK. Working with clay they will truly be my own and the plus side of it is, that the clay is easier on the hands.

I bought a lot of tutorials for clay sculpt dolls, and studied them over the past year, so now it’s time to quit procrastinating and get on with it.  This armature is for a  6” fairy, pretty tiny…

Will keep you posted…


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Needle Book

Once a month I get together with a group of ladies to work on projects and just have some nice casual “girl time”. It’s a great environment, so much chatter about everyone’s travels or doings. Myself and one other lady usually bring needlework projects to work on, the others are mostly rug hookers.

Over time I’ve packed up various projects to take with me and invariably I will cut a piece of felt and use it to hold the needles. Well after doing that a number of times, I’ve collected a stack of felt pieces with needles in them and then wonder how I’m going through so many needles, where are they all ;o)  I bet you all do something similar…am I right. Time to fix that..

The same designer as the felted bird from the other day, MMM Designs, also has other patterns, along with this one for a needle book. I really like Larissa’s designs and I am very impressed with her attention to details both in design and how she’s written her instructions. I’m a details person so when I bought the first pattern and saw the effort that went into putting it together, I was very pleased. A beginner in needlework, could easily follow Larissa’s instructions and come away with a well made project.

This is mine and now my needles will be together, a page for each type of needle I use. No more stacks of felt pieces piling up. The beauty of this little book is that the biggest piece of felt needed is 4” x 6”, the rest uses little scraps. I didn’t have the right size of grosgrain ribbon for the binding, but this trim worked out well. These would make great little gifts, and they are cute looking little books when finished. Enjoy.


Friday, January 2, 2015

A busy start for the New Year

Oh my goodness, I’m on a roll already. I’ve been pulling stuff out of cupboards and doing my annual clutter clearing. I sent off boxes a couple of weeks ago and now I have more. I learned the lesson of letting go of the emotional attachment to material things.

Because it comes so easy to me now to sort and toss, I have to sometimes stop and consider the odd things I am about to send away. I leave them for another short while and if the thought I had about them doesn’t materialize soon, away it goes. I’m also being careful about what I’m bringing into the house, making sure it’s actually going to be used and not just an impulse buy. So guilty of that in the past.

It’s actually very uplifting to clutter clear, tiring if you have stairs to go up and down like I do, but worth it. I can feel the difference when I walk into a room that’s been cleared, it’s true what they say, it feels very light when you’ve sorted and cleared out a room.

I think what continues to motivate me to do this is having watched all those episodes of hoarders. I’m not a hoarder, but certainly things can get away from us if we’re not careful. Very happy to have this over for this year (the moment will hit again half way through the year I’m sure).

I couldn’t help myself with the picture below, I just love Jim Carey and his carefree character in the movies. He makes me laugh every time. Exactly how I feel to have my busy work over with.

giphySomething that made me laugh out loud in my car the other day. It’s never happened before but I couldn’t help myself. I spotted a lady getting into her car and it was her hair style that made me bust out.

She had a pony tail on either side of her head and another one on top and all I could think of was a middle aged Whoville character…. I just couldn’t stop myself from laughing and thank goodness my window was up….oh dear ! I laugh at myself too, so I don’t feel guilty, it was just one of those spontaneous moments… ;o)

Besides all the clearing out, I’m spending the first few days of the new year, finishing up Pixies that just got as far as heads and bodies made and sorted into zip lock bags with their embellishments, waiting to be completed. They’re almost done and ready to be packed away.

I did make this felted ornament to hang in my friends shop, we’ll see if there is interest. I found a designer who is making the 12 days of Christmas as felt ornaments, just waiting patiently to buy them as she gets them done.  This isn’t one of the 12 days set, but I love it, it’s so pretty and I plan to make more of them in other colours. It’s a good tv watching project.


As for Radar, well he’s just enjoying being a cat. He’s such a good boy and I’m happy that he’s finally settled. We had one shocking experience the other night, and now I know there is some kind of history about boxes with him. What I wouldn’t give to be a cat mind reader to know what he’s been through. But he won’t have to worry about any of that anymore, just be a cat and do what cat’s do best. Be sweet and sleep a lot. See you soon…..


Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Little Positive Goes a Long Way!


I spent many hours today working at my computer, cleaning up folders, deleting tons of files. Why do we keep all that stuff, it’s gone, no turning back now.

Then I backed up all my files to both the external hard drive and the flash drives. Never hurts to have important files in at least a couple of other places.

While I was doing that, I was making notes for a positive post that I planned for New Years day. Thinking I could come up with something profound that might inspire others wasn’t so easy because you don’t want to sound sappy or a know it all. ;o)

Rather than risk that happening, I decided on this. I have this affirmation taped to my cupboard door and it serves me well. I posted it a while ago now when I finally had that “aha” moment when you really come to realize who and what is important in your life. It says it all, better than I could for sure.

At those times when I might for a millisecond doubt something or struggle with “what to do” or just feel kind of out of touch with things, I read this. It resides right above me while I’m at the computer, so no getting away from it. I hope it will help you. I can’t remember what site I found it on, but if you recognize it, let me know and I will add a link to the source.

If after reading it, you want to print this out, click here for a pdf file I made for it. I printed mine on card stock.




YOU focus on the people who love YOU

Your life is full of people who love you and want what is best for you.  Instead of worrying about negative people, you devote your time and attention to those who are a positive influence in your life.

You know there are people you can call when you need to talk.  You are blessed with friends who lend a listening ear and are quick to speak the truth when you are in need. You appreciate the people who are always there to encourage you when you need them.

You have friends and family who rejoice with you when you celebrate a success. You seek to be around these friends because success is sweeter when shared. You let go of concern over people who choose to envy you, rather than support you.

When you embark on a new risk, you hear the voices of your loved ones cheering you on in your thoughts.  You hear them say they believe in you and you shut out negative voices from your mind.

There is no room in your thoughts for people who dislike you, you do what you can to live in harmony with others, but you understand there are people who are difficult to please. You relinquish your desire to please critical people.

You stay away from negative people to keep your spirit uplifted.  You refuse to allow critical people to bring you down.  As long as you know that you have done your best, you are peace with yourself.

Today, choose to be thankful for the people in your life who are true friends. As you reflect on your life, you remind yourself how much you matter to those who love you.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas the Canadian way…

Wishing all of you who follow me and send me your wonderful supportive comments and private emails, a very Happy Holiday season.
In Canada we’re pretty laid back and laugh at ourselves very easily, so I hope you enjoy these little touches of our humour for Christmas. Think of it as a little respite for a few minutes at the craziest and busiest time of the year.
How about we start with the 12 Days of Christmas.

Then we move on to Jingle Bells.

Story time with Don Cherry

And the all to familiar to we Canucks, the 12 days of Christmas with Bob and Doug McKenzie.

For me Christmas would not be complete without Canada’s own Jim Carey, doing his classic Grinch…. Love that movie. So to finish, here are a couple of clips from the Grinch. I can’t imagine getting any work done with him acting out the Grinch scenes.

And when he meets Cindy Lou Who…. she’s so cute.

With that, I’m off to finish a couple of pressies, bake a few cookies, get ready to pop the turkey in the oven on Christmas Eve, and we’ll be spending time with some friends. The only thing missing is a white Christmas, but we so seldom get that, I’ve all but given up on that wish.

I’ll be back by next week with a few pictures, in the meantime….do have a safe and happy time with your families and friends and start thinking about those New Year resolutions.

Friday, December 19, 2014

A Christmas Angel

I adapted Colleen Babcock’s “Stitch in Time” design for this angel. I can’t give you a link to Colleen, she has left the doll and crafting world and is pursuing other things.You’ll have to do a search on Google, but there are very few patterns out there.

I love how this turned out. She’s not a young angel, I think you’ll find her to be a more mature angel, perhaps she is meant to guide the young ones. The original hair was to have a braided knot at either side of her head, but this dolls hair just kind of evolved and it seemed to want to go this way. 

The body is wrapped with silk fabric strips, the surcoat is also made from silk. Although the pictures don’t show it, both fabrics have leaf patterns on them.


The hair braid is trimmed with Kreinik braid as well, the band around her head is the same Kreinik braid. The wings are taken from a Christmas floral stem, it worked out perfectly. The silver star along with her crystal earrings, gives just enough sparkle. Around her hips and on her shoulders I’ve placed shabby roses, the front of the surcoat is in keeping with the original design.


I’m so smitten with this doll, I think I must make a  Christmas angel for myself for next year.

And this is…………my last commission for the year, but I doubt the last creation of some kind or other. To be away from my workroom for too long seems almost criminal.. ;o))


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gloves for Christmas

**I have added a pdf for this on my Tutorials page**

With a little respite today, I thought I would show you a DIY project I worked on. Simply put, I made an inexpensive pair of $ store gloves feel very special. Who says they have to be worn….they have a different purpose today.


To begin, use a little polyfil stuffing to fill out the fingers and palms, just a little so they aren’t so floppy. Don’t over stuff, just to give them some shape.


We’re going to fill the gloves with an assortment of goodies, so we need to make a little room. These particular gloves have elastic thread sewn into the cuffs. By removing 3 or 4 rows of elastic, the cuff will loosen up.

Just spread out a section of the cuff over your fingers and from the inside and with a pin, gently pull the elastic through. Cut each cord and carefully pull them out.


Every crafter has a stash of some kind or other. Gather up an assortment of fillers. As you work along, you will find yourself digging out more trims and embellishments. It’s a project that keeps changing as you work.


Start tucking your fillers into the gloves. Make them the same or make each one different, it’s up to you. When you have them arranged the way you want, start gluing the parts to the insides of the gloves. You might find it easier to take everything out and one bit at a time, put them in again gluing as you go. 

When I was done with the fillers, I finished off with a sprinkle of snow flakes, and tied a piece of ribbon around the cuffs with a tiny bauble on top. Set these aside and let the glue thoroughly dry.


Add a hanger with ribbon or cord.

The final step is the best part. Because my gloves will be stationary against a wall, I have tucked into the arrangements, a spice scented pine cone and some cinnamon sticks. They won’t be disturbed, so I don’t need to glue them in. As you walk by you’re greeted with a nice cinnamon and spice fragrance.

You can pack them away at the end of the season and see if the scent is still there next year, or you can dispose of those parts and just replace them next Christmas. They can easily be tucked in here and there again, but I’m leaving them in to see if the scent is still there this time next year.

I hope you have enjoyed this simple but pretty project and that it inspires you to make a set of your own for yourself or a gift.

This is also my entry in the Christmas Decorations Competition being hosted jointly by Victoria’s Vintage and Able Skills.

Small Spaces Hacks


Friday, December 12, 2014

Tilda and Corner Gas

What do Tilda and Corner Gas have in common??? Absolutely nothing. They are as polar opposite as opposite gets…lol  I just wanted to post two things of interest for you and do it one post….



If you’re familiar with Tilda and haven’t noticed, she has a new book out. It’s a beauty just like all her others. This one is photographed in her cabin in the woods in her homeland of Norway.  If I had a cabin in the woods and I could escape to it and watch snow fall and work on projects, I would be there in a heartbeat. What an amazing opportunity to unwind, get away from all the noise around us and just get back to basics. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it.

I may not be able to live that dream, but I can certainly build a fire, cozy up in my chair and pour over this new book. There is a wall hanging Santa I absolutely must make. It’s gorgeous. All hand quilted and a keepsake that can be passed along to someone else in time. If you go to the link above, she has included pictures from her new book in her banner. You will see a tiny image of the Santa in the first picture. Click on the pictures and the banner will scroll sideways so you can see what’s in the book.

I get now where she came up with her angel hair do’s. Have a look at Tilda’s hair, so cute… Enjoy…

Corner Gas…

Now my Canuck friends….. I can’t forget you. Did you get out to see “Corner Gas – The Movie”. I didn’t and it was only at the theatres across Canada for 5 days and just not enough time to get there. Darn, I thought all was lost. NOT!!!  Last night I was watching one of the many reruns of the series, and at the end, they announced that “The Movie” would be on tv next week.

SOOOO……………for those of you who love love love Corner Gas and the crazy gang and didn’t get out to see the movie on the big screen, you can set your pvr for next Wednesday, the 17th of Dec. It’s coming on CTV, you’ll have to check your local listings.

It’s on at 8pm here that night. I can’t wait to see it and what a great Christmas present that it’s going to be on tv… Get out your popcorn and get ready for what is sure to be a really fun time.

According to the write up, the gang is getting ready to leave Dog River as the town has gone bankrupt…..wonder where they will end up. Could it be Wollarton (spit)…. you have to be CG fan to get the joke there…lol

Enjoy this too…..Have a great weekend


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