Friday, December 19, 2014

A Christmas Angel

I adapted Colleen Babcock’s “Stitch in Time” design for this angel. I can’t give you a link to Colleen, she has left the doll and crafting world and is pursuing other things.You’ll have to do a search on Google, but there are very few patterns out there.

I love how this turned out. She’s not a young angel, I think you’ll find her to be a more mature angel, perhaps she is meant to guide the young ones. The original hair was to have a braided knot at either side of her head, but this dolls hair just kind of evolved and it seemed to want to go this way. 

The body is wrapped with silk fabric strips, the surcoat is also made from silk. Although the pictures don’t show it, both fabrics have leaf patterns on them.


The hair braid is trimmed with Kreinik braid as well, the band around her head is the same Kreinik braid. The wings are taken from a Christmas floral stem, it worked out perfectly. The silver star along with her crystal earrings, gives just enough sparkle. Around her hips and on her shoulders I’ve placed shabby roses, the front of the surcoat is in keeping with the original design.


I’m so smitten with this doll, I think I must make a  Christmas angel for myself for next year.

And this is…………my last commission for the year, but I doubt the last creation of some kind or other. To be away from my workroom for too long seems almost criminal.. ;o))


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gloves for Christmas

**I have added a pdf for this on my Tutorials page**

With a little respite today, I thought I would show you a DIY project I worked on. Simply put, I made an inexpensive pair of $ store gloves feel very special. Who says they have to be worn….they have a different purpose today.


To begin, use a little polyfil stuffing to fill out the fingers and palms, just a little so they aren’t so floppy. Don’t over stuff, just to give them some shape.


We’re going to fill the gloves with an assortment of goodies, so we need to make a little room. These particular gloves have elastic thread sewn into the cuffs. By removing 3 or 4 rows of elastic, the cuff will loosen up.

Just spread out a section of the cuff over your fingers and from the inside and with a pin, gently pull the elastic through. Cut each cord and carefully pull them out.


Every crafter has a stash of some kind or other. Gather up an assortment of fillers. As you work along, you will find yourself digging out more trims and embellishments. It’s a project that keeps changing as you work.


Start tucking your fillers into the gloves. Make them the same or make each one different, it’s up to you. When you have them arranged the way you want, start gluing the parts to the insides of the gloves. You might find it easier to take everything out and one bit at a time, put them in again gluing as you go. 

When I was done with the fillers, I finished off with a sprinkle of snow flakes, and tied a piece of ribbon around the cuffs with a tiny bauble on top. Set these aside and let the glue thoroughly dry.


Add a hanger with ribbon or cord.

The final step is the best part. Because my gloves will be stationary against a wall, I have tucked into the arrangements, a spice scented pine cone and some cinnamon sticks. They won’t be disturbed, so I don’t need to glue them in. As you walk by you’re greeted with a nice cinnamon and spice fragrance.

You can pack them away at the end of the season and see if the scent is still there next year, or you can dispose of those parts and just replace them next Christmas. They can easily be tucked in here and there again, but I’m leaving them in to see if the scent is still there this time next year.

I hope you have enjoyed this simple but pretty project and that it inspires you to make a set of your own for yourself or a gift.

This is also my entry in the Christmas Decorations Competition being hosted jointly by Victoria’s Vintage and Able Skills.

Small Spaces Hacks


Friday, December 12, 2014

Tilda and Corner Gas

What do Tilda and Corner Gas have in common??? Absolutely nothing. They are as polar opposite as opposite gets…lol  I just wanted to post two things of interest for you and do it one post….



If you’re familiar with Tilda and haven’t noticed, she has a new book out. It’s a beauty just like all her others. This one is photographed in her cabin in the woods in her homeland of Norway.  If I had a cabin in the woods and I could escape to it and watch snow fall and work on projects, I would be there in a heartbeat. What an amazing opportunity to unwind, get away from all the noise around us and just get back to basics. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it.

I may not be able to live that dream, but I can certainly build a fire, cozy up in my chair and pour over this new book. There is a wall hanging Santa I absolutely must make. It’s gorgeous. All hand quilted and a keepsake that can be passed along to someone else in time. If you go to the link above, she has included pictures from her new book in her banner. You will see a tiny image of the Santa in the first picture. Click on the pictures and the banner will scroll sideways so you can see what’s in the book.

I get now where she came up with her angel hair do’s. Have a look at Tilda’s hair, so cute… Enjoy…

Corner Gas…

Now my Canuck friends….. I can’t forget you. Did you get out to see “Corner Gas – The Movie”. I didn’t and it was only at the theatres across Canada for 5 days and just not enough time to get there. Darn, I thought all was lost. NOT!!!  Last night I was watching one of the many reruns of the series, and at the end, they announced that “The Movie” would be on tv next week.

SOOOO……………for those of you who love love love Corner Gas and the crazy gang and didn’t get out to see the movie on the big screen, you can set your pvr for next Wednesday, the 17th of Dec. It’s coming on CTV, you’ll have to check your local listings.

It’s on at 8pm here that night. I can’t wait to see it and what a great Christmas present that it’s going to be on tv… Get out your popcorn and get ready for what is sure to be a really fun time.

According to the write up, the gang is getting ready to leave Dog River as the town has gone bankrupt…..wonder where they will end up. Could it be Wollarton (spit)…. you have to be CG fan to get the joke there…lol

Enjoy this too…..Have a great weekend

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Not a Creature Was Stirring……

I’m stuck on Christmas. I keep thinking I’m done, and then something else comes along and away I go into project mode. When I took the Owl Tree topper to the shop, I really thought that would be the last thing for the shop. Yeah, not so much. The topper sold 2 days later. I don’t like to see a tree without something at the top, so out came the scissors and fabric and back to work.

I had the dove tree topper from Cheswick Company last year. This year I made Cathy’s Owl and that went. I really like the animal theme. The story, “The Night Before Christmas” kept running through my head and that triggered the idea of a mouse tree topper.

I used Cathy’s Dormouse and her tree topper pattern. I used the words Not A Creature Was Stirring from the story and spread it out over three panels along with stars and French knots. It turned out so cute and gives me more ideas for other toppers now. Sweet…. ;o))

Here you go, I hope you like it and that it gives you some ideas too. Now I must get back to the angel for a customer. Then I will truly be done…….


Tuesday, December 9, 2014


The wonder and magic of Christmas as seen through the eyes of a child. Fawn is so happy, she has her favourite thing in the whole world, her stuffies. (sorry for the quality of the red objects in the pictures, but it’s a very hard colour for an amateur to photograph). I attempted teddy bear slippers and Fawn seems okay with them, so I am too. ;o)


The fabric I used for her nightgown is a vintage print flannel. It is covered in images of children playing with their presents and stockings on Christmas morning.




She  even has teddy bear earrings. The glass ornament, what else, a teddy bear.


The red poof of feathers on her head, reminiscent of her mom, Fiona. Fawn is actually the love child of Fiona, she is a well adjusted child. 


This doll is from the class with Linda Hollerich, “The First Gift of Christmas”, offered on Adele’s site. This is still time to sign up.

The head and hands are clay, the rest is cloth. A really fun project that  you can make your own version of. There are no rules in Linda’s classes, she encourages you to step out and play with your own ideas.

Another fun class, thank you Linda.

Friday, December 5, 2014

One more Santa

A couple of months ago I was showing pictures of my other Santa’s to some friends. One of them said she would love to have one made for her husband who is Christmas crazy. She loved the Santa in the red coat, but I had to make sure that she was okay with it not being exactly the same, meaning fabrics, as I don’t like to make the same thing, the same way.

She was smitten with the coat more than anything because it does make a statement, so that part is the same, but I’ve used a different flannel. This is her or rather, her hubbies Santa for Christmas. Buttons are faux leather, but the pocket watch is real. The other Santa like this had bright red plaid flannel. I changed the dollar store ribbon on the tree and added a couple of silver birds.


The scarf is the same but with white lamp shade fringe instead. This Santa’s pants are made with flannel.


The pouch on his back is filled with some of Mother Natures trims and he also has a pair of ski’s, just in case he needs them.


I love his funky red glasses.


His boots are felt with leather soles. Two more dolls to do before the big day, so come back again to see what else is happening on my worktable.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A little bit more

I’ve been finishing up some bits and pieces for Christmas. I had a tree topper at the shop and that sold, so I made this one up to make sure the tree has a topper. It’s a Cheswick Company design. Thank goodness for Cathy. ;o) This is her Silent Night Owl Tree Topper.


A few weeks ago I showed you a Vintage Stocking I made for a customer. In that same design was this companion ornament pattern. I’ve made it a little bit different by leaving off a second pocket that would be filled with little packages.


I also made this velvet stocking. I love burgundy and gold together. It always looks so elegant. I’ve had these large dried flowers for ages and seems kind of silly to just keep opening the box and looking at them, so time to use them. I have another stocking that’s cut out, just needs putting together. If not for this year, next.


The “Sidney Sparkle Parade” was on Saturday night. A cold night, but not anything like many of you are experiencing and will experience. Had I known there would be a mini town crier, I would have brought my camera, but I took this with my phone, it’s not great, but you’ll get the idea.


I found these images of Kenny Podmore, our town crier, on Google which gives more of the detail of the costume. Love that…

In the background in the inner harbour in Victoria, and in the distance our Parliament buildings.

town crier3town crier2

If you aren’t familiar with Town Criers, I found this that explains who they are. It’s quite a world wide society.

The other pictures I took didn’t turn out well, but I did like this one. I would love to take a ride in that on a snowy night all bundled up with my hubby and just enjoy the quiet of the falling snow. Doesn’t that sound like fun, they do it in the movies all the time after all. ;o) Until next time……..


Monday, December 1, 2014

Twelve Days of Christmas Tags

If you would like to have some lovely Christmas/Winter printables, please stop by my friend Deb’s blog, Paxton Valley Folk Art.

This is her message, and I quote….

“With the Christmas season soon to be upon us, I wanted to give all of you, my dear and faithful blog readers, a wee gift to thank you for sticking with me and continuing to read my ramblings.  So I have created some Christmas gift tags for you to print out and use for wrapping your gifts or for journaling in your scrapbooks or for adding to your mixed media projects ... whatever you would like to use them for.”

Starting today and for 12 days, Deb will be posting her artwork and sharing it with us. Stop by and visit and leave her a message to thank her. I love it when people offer freebies and when I use them, I like them to know how much I appreciate the gifts.

I will be leaving Deb’s button in the left hand column, until Christmas so enjoy….and thanks Deb… ;o)))

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Blog Hop–Update

I would like to introduce you to Lisa of Scherer Art ~ Beautiful Living. Lisa does some beautiful work, from creating custom banners for your own blog, to working with fabric, designing and writing wonderful articles based on her love of nature and so much more.

Lisa was happy to be able to participate in the blog hop and you will love what she creates. Just click on the banner below to be instantly transported to this wonderful artist.

scherer living

Monday, November 24, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

I was tagged by Deb to join in on the Around the World Blog Hop.  Deb is in the interior of BC, not much more than a ferry ride and then a few hours by car from here.Wouldn’t it be fun to actually meet some of your online friends. Be sure to click on her banner to zoom over to her blog and see what she’s working on.


I went back and back and back through a few blogs to see where the blog hop began but soon realized it’s been going on for a while, and I would probably spend all day reading about all these amazing artists from around the world, and get nothing else done.. ;o) so here I go with my post.

1. What am I working on?

At this time of year, it’s full on Christmas. I just finished this Santa this morning… This is a design by Patterns by Elaine and is her All Dressed Up Santa.


Last night I finished these fairies. They are from a design called “Damsel” by Karen Shifton. In the pattern, Karen encourages you to add your own twist to the basic pattern. Last year I created my Shabby Rose Fairies and they were so well received. This year they have shaggy hair instead of roses on their heads. I made them to hang from high places, and they aren’t in Christmas fabric, so they could stay out all year.


I had requests for more this year, but just made a few, I may come to regret that decision. I will have to set aside time again for next years fairies, everyone seems to love them, so if you want something that sells well, this little pattern lends itself to all kinds of creative avenues. In this picture they don’t have their blushed cheeks, but they do now and are packed away for tomorrow when my friend and I will be dressing up her store for Christmas.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I think if there is a difference in my work, it’s in my own voice and how I visualize the end result. I think you could give a room full of artists the same theme for a project and you would get a different look from each and every person in the room.

3. Why do I create what I do?

I have certain themes that I really love, jesters being high on the list. I can’t work on projects just for the sake of making something, I have to really love whatever it is. If I don’t work on something, even for a few minutes on a busy day, something feels like it’s missing. It’s a passion.

People have been asking me lately why I make dolls. Without answering them, I ask them, “what is it you feel passionate about?”. One lady told me she loves photography, so I asked her, “what is it you like about that?”. She said it’s a passion of hers. So there you are. It’s a passion to create what we do, we can’t explain it more than that. You either have passion for something or you don’t.

4. How does my creating process work?

I probably have the same kind of crazy creating process that others have. I see inspiration all around me. It might be in a colour, a pattern in fabric, a scene in nature. I just see in my minds eye, a finished art piece that came from that one inspired moment. I get the strangest looks when I see something nobody else noticed and I’ve come up with an idea for a finished art piece just standing there… ;o)

When I work on an idea of my own making, rather than a design that I’ve purchased, I have thoughts of where I want to take that. It never goes where I want it to. That’s the beauty of being free and creative. You don’t have to stick to any rules. I made this doll in a class and it was supposed to be a Steampunk character, but he had others ideas, so this is Grampa Charlie.


When I was about 10 or so, I was in an art class. We were given some stencils to use and just told to make some kind of picture with oil pastels. I decided on birds and I made them teal and rust coloured. The teacher was kind of taken aback, where the heck did I get the idea of teal and rust coloured birds. I didn’t know either, but I loved those colours so much.

It’s a very free feeling, as an adult, when you unload all the things you’ve been taught “to do this way” and just set about finding your own voice. I haven’t found my “personal style” yet, but this next year I want to spend more time working with clay and maybe find that style. I work as a solitary artist and find that very relaxing and I can lose myself in what I’m doing.

In closing, I am still waiting to hear from some artists I’ve written to, so I can pass along their blog sites to all of you. As soon as I hear back, I will post an update. Have a creative week, and for my US readers, Happy Turkey Day…. ;o)

For anyone living in the Greater Victoria area, I will be at Janet’s Special Teas in Sidney tomorrow morning, decorating her shop and putting up the ornaments and dolls for Christmas. Stop by if you’re in the area. Bye for now….


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