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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Harold the Angel

This angel is an Arley Berryhill design. Mine isn’t quite as embellished as the samples Arley created, but I really like how she turned out. I’ve had these fabrics for a long time and glad I finally found a way to use them. I intended to use it for lampshades (so glad I didn’t go there…. ). What was I thinking…???? lol

Anyway, this is my version of Harold. The only thing I did do differently was to make her some leggings as there weren’t any in the pattern. Just knew at some point someone would look up her skirt, especially since she’ll be hanging up at eye level.. ;o)


The little bird she’s holding is glass. I discovered a technique for stuffing sleeves and her turban that I hadn’t considered before. I used strips of organza and stuffed them into each of those places. That way you don’t see stuffing, you see what gives the illusion of lined fabric.


I had this guardian angel charm from someone and thought it perfect to add to the bigger angel. ;o)


Rather than making the quilted wings that are included in the pattern, I used these gold leaves. I like to check out the sprays that garden centers and other stores have out at Christmas. It’s amazing how beautiful they are and you can just take them apart and use them like wings. They come in all colours, styles and textures. Michaels has lots if you have that store nearby.


Sunday, November 11, 2018

Naughty Nice Santa

Long time since I posted. Have been making ornaments and other dolls. In between that, I’ve been planning for next years shows and getting ready to purge a lot of stuff from my stash. It’s time to start focusing on what I really want to be working on and not be feeling overwhelmed with too much stuff around me. it’s an organized stash, but still feels like too much.

For this post, I’ll show you the last doll for the gallery show. We’re only allowed to bring in so much at a time and since it’s getting that much closer to Christmas, it just seemed like it would be better to limit what I make. I have another doll to post, I’ll do that tomorrow. So let’s have a look at Santa. I’ve made this Santa three times now and each time it seems to sell very quickly, so I hope that streak continues. ;o~ It’s a design by Sparkles N Spirit, called “Making a List Santa”.

For this one, I used flannel for his shirt and used a deep red stretch velvet for his pants and leggings. The ribbon for his suspenders are finished with wooded buttons. I had a cute little Merry Christmas charm, so why not. I added that to his belly area.


Santa’s hair is from Mohair Locks. They are really nice to use for hair but they are also a little fussy to work with. But the bonus is that they have some nice waves and curls to them.

Last year’s Santa, I made a list for Santa to hold under his arm. This time I decided to make a pouch to hang over his back and inside the pouch is a Naughty and Nice book that he will carry around with him to keep track of everyone.


This book measures 4” x 6”. I included pages where he can fill in the names of those who are naughty or nice. In the little pocket on the front, I added some Elf jokes to keep him happy at all times. Don’t you love that pencil, I found that in a little shop quite a while ago. She had the the most unique things like that, that nobody else seemed to. It came in handy for this Santa.



And finally his shoes. They are made with felt, lined with cotton and trimmed with a lovely heavy braid. The final touch is a nice big metal button. On his leggings there are gold metal buttons as on his shirt. Tomorrow I hope to post another doll and that’s all for this years gallery show.


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Troll Santa

Before I get into the latest project, I thought I would update you on something you may or may not know about, OR, may or may not use. Google is going to shut down Google+ by the end of August next year. It’s not used enough to make it worthwhile to keep it going. I’m going to be deleting my account for that. It makes for one less thing to post on, so it’s all good, and it’s not like there are aren’t unlimited places to post your work.


Have just finished Ute Vasina’s latest updated pattern, Troll Santa. I really like how he turned out, pretty cute… He has some little changes from Ute’s design, but it’s how it evolved.  First, I do have a chair like the one Ute used for her doll, but it was just a little bit bigger than Santa and it would have been too complicated to try and make him fit properly. I had this little sled, so I gave it a coat of paint and varnish and it worked out just great.


For his shirt, which you can’t see here, I cut the center front open. I had already sewn the head on, so it was just a little extra work to turn the facings under and add some buttons. It’s no removeable. The hat is stretch velvet and the trim is a stretchy Sherpa fabric.


The sweater is made with a knit fabric. In other pictures you can see a tan colour binding. I used a tuque from the $ store, (cost me $2). I took it apart and used the band to create the binding. Lots left for other uses.

A friend gave me a bag of locks she had just finished washing and drying, so I used those for his beard and mustache.


His socks are cut from dollar store socks. I made a Naughty and Nice book for him. There are a ton of great digital art creators on Etsy, be sure to check them out. You can make all kinds of wonderful doll embellishments with some creativity. They have done the hard part already.


Christmas is the best season to start collecting supplies for the following year. Wait for the sales that start early and you can get all kinds of great decorations. Think about how to use them when you take them apart, not how they currently are. The ladies at the local shops know me so well, they expect me to do that.. ;o)

Instead of making the bunny slippers, I have a collection of doll shoes and these ones are perfect. They were meant to be ornaments, but when I checked them, the opening went right through to the toes, ( check that carefully, they don’t all go right through the foot), so I knew someone would get to wear these. Glue them in. Now if he goes down a steep hill and swoosh’s off his sled, he can land on his feet and keep going. lol


Before he leaves on his trek, the elves wanted to give him a little something to remember them by. They carefully sneaked some Elf jokes into his sweater pocket. If he gets tired and needs a little pick me up, he can pull these out and get a big belly laugh.


And that’s it for today. I hope you like him. ;o)


Wednesday, October 3, 2018


I went back to Facebook a short time ago, but I did it with reservations. I really hate that social media holds you captive and preventing you from making the connections you want, but unfortunately, the world continue to evolve.

So you either have to find a way to use social media in a way that suits you and your lifestyle, or just get left behind and those are the only options. If you want to follow me on FB, the link is on my blog, in the left hand column. If you’re on my list over there, you will have seen this already, but for those who have not….

This is a Seahorse I started in a Linda Hollerich class some time ago. I had all the clay work done except the scales (?) on the body. I tried to make it female like hers, but I just seem to struggle to make girl faces in clay. But I do like him just the same.

I’ll post a couple of before pics before he was painted and adorned.


And here he is all done. For his body, I just did layers and layers of paint, one colour blending into another. I didn’t really have a plan, I just kept adding layers. There are tiny shells and strips of organza attached here and there, but only minimally. Too much and he’d look like one big barnacle.

When I got to the gallery to submit my work, I spotted the tiniest bit of glue on his right arm. Common sense would dictate, don’t touch it….. But I had to. If I left it and a customer picked at it, well you know the rest. So I gently pulled it off and of course a little paint came with it. A tiny slit of white, at most 1/4”. I went home, got a repair kit and came back.

I couldn’t possibly match the paint colour, so I came back with a few little shells, a couple of left over strips of organza and proceeded to cover that nasty little boo boo with those things. It actually was a blessing in disguise. I tend to be more minimal in my doll making, so adding that extra trim and shells actually helped to balance the look. Now it looks like some seaweed and shells caught his arm while swimming around in depths of the sea. I don’t have a picture of what I did, but if it’s still there when I go to volunteer, I’ll grab a picture…

The succulents on the base are made with felt, a bit of dried grass tucked in here and there, as well as a few felt balls and shells. I had thought about using Spanish moss, but it’s too flimsy and wouldn’t stick well.  I hope you like him.



Tuesday, September 18, 2018

So Sorry….

Hi everyone…. This is just a quick post to say sorry. I don’t know what’s been happening with Gmail, but I haven’t been receiving the comments you’ve been leaving. I had an email tonight, directly, not through the blog, to alert me that they had been commenting and were not hearing from me. I appreciate so much the wellness check as well, by the way.

I went and checked Blogger settings, and there were a whole bunch of comments waiting to be published. They have all been published now and thank you all for the great feedback.

I will be keeping a closer eye on the comments from now on, right on Blogger apparently. How annoying, as if there needs to be any more additional things added to my day. ;o~

Some nutty things going on with Google these days. Wish they would just get on with what they started out to do which was to offer their services to us and leave the politics out of it. I suppose I can’t really complain since what they give us is free, but still.

Have a great week everyone and stay tuned for more posts about Artisans…. Romona

The Flower Girl

This is my latest piece. It’s an original design inspired by French painter Catherine Chauloux, titled “The Florist”. This is the original painting that inspired me. I adore her style of painting, it’s whimsical, so much fun and rich with colour. It’s no wonder I was drawn to her.

The Florist by Catherine Chauloux

This is my interpretation in a 3 dimensional form. I called her The Flower Girl, without even realizing until I started this post, that her painting is called “The Florist”. I had no idea but what else would she be called. Here is the full length version with many more pictures to follow. I have her coming out of a flower pot, which has an inside base of glitter gravel, and paper roses like those bouquets she is holding.


A little closer look reveals that she is wearing a lace blouse that you can only sees snippets of. The lace is wide, but I had to piece it together in order to be able to use the scalloped edge for the ruffles at her wrists and neck. Inside the jacket sleeves, there are actual blouse sleeves, and the bodice is covered with lace as a complete blouse.


The skirt is made from a scarf, similar to that of a pashmina. Her jacket is a stretch velvet as is the beret.


The pot is actually more of a cherry red colour, but as is always the case, red is a hard colour to photograph for novices with no special filters. ;o~  I hope you like her as much as I do. I was so excited to see her done.

She will be at the Artisans show/sale which starts October 6th. Please check my WEBSITE for details. If you are local and planning to visit the gallery, be aware that the 2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships will be on right in front of the gallery, for the first week until the 14th. The parking lot will be full of food trucks, so only street parking will be available. Consider coming after the 14th unless you like all that excitement. ;o))



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