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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Polymer Clay Challenge–Week 3

Another week and another challenge piece done. I was going to do a smaller set of bird feet, but switched that for these duck feet. When I took a closer look at them and the details, along with the bright colour, it was easy to change my mind.

A similar trait to chicken feet is the webbing between the toes, except that a duck has much bigger webs. The shape is much the same as chicken, but bigger. Those toes nails though will always catch my eye because they are just so perfect.

Here are a couple of reference pictures I used. Below these is a picture of what I made.

duck feet 1duck feet 4duck feet 5

Are you noticing a trend in the feet other than they are all birds. I read an interesting factoid about them, but you’ll have to wait until the fifth week of feet before I go onto my next theme. ;o)

Think about it and until then, here is my version of duck feet. And just because, I used some Accent clay with glitter in it for the toe nails. I just had too.


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Polymer Clay Challenge–Week 2

This week I chose to do chicken feet, yes that’s right, chicken feet. Have you ever looked at chicken feet, especially in the grocery store. They are pretty amazing with all the details on those feet. I was quite intrigued. There are little fins between the toes on the front like a duck, but smaller. They have lines, bumps and tiny pimple like bumps. Here’s a couple of pictures. And check out those toe nails. I saw them up close and they immaculate, like they just came from having a manicure.

1-chicken-feetRaw  Chicken feet on a white background

So here’s my interpretation of them. I used some metal trims and some beaded ones to try and create those details. Of course there is nothing that can really beat the originals. ;o)  I hope you can get a look at feet close up, if you’re at all interested in that sort of thing you will be as fascinated as I was. Until next time.


Monday, January 7, 2019

Polymer Clay Challenge – Week 1

Just before you read further, if you use Google +, be aware that Google has decided to take down that platform in August of this year. Unless they change their plans, you won’t be seeing anyone’s page there after August. If you know others who use it, please let them know. It hasn’t been that successful, so the powers that be are discontinuing it.


This is my first week of the challenge. I’m going to work on bird feet this month. First up are Raven’s. I used a picture from Pinterest for inspiration.  I didn’t make the points for the claws very sharp because I think they would just get broken, but they are somewhat pointy.

The picture should have been taken before I glazed the feet, but lesson learned. I kind of knew that I shouldn’t be doing that, but it’s okay. So on to the next set and hopefully I can post in a day or two and then be on schedule for Tuesday posting after that..

This is the picture I worked from and they are Raven feet.

Raven feet / claws. If you have ever doubted that bird are dinosaurs, check these out!

And my interpretation. There is added height on the legs because when I actually make the bird, this will go into the body, all being well that is… I may have to sand off the glaze at the top a little so the glue takes hold. ;o) I made a wire armature first and wrapped the wire with aluminum tape. Week01crowfeet

If you check out Home Depot or other hardware places, look for this tape. If you make a lot of armatures, it’s great. The clay sticks well to it and the tape itself is super sticky… If you don’t make a lot of armatures, maybe you can share a roll with others. It comes in a big roll, and check around price wise. I see it on in smaller rolls as well. The roll I got is like the one pictured below. Enjoy…

Image result for aluminum tape + home depot

Friday, January 4, 2019

A Polymer Clay Challenge

A New Year, a new way to challenge yourself. I really don’t need to add more to my schedule, but what the hey!! I’m game, maybe you are too.

I’ve decided to try this challenge and see how it goes. It’s for 52 weeks, 1 year and one project a week. Now this is not a full on doll or line of jewelry, it’s just anything you want to do. You pick your own theme and your own amount of completed projects.

For example, my theme is My Doll Art. I’m going to mostly work on one little piece a week and try to improve each week on my skills. For example, I have one month set aside for just feet. Troll feet, baby feet, regular doll size, I don’t know. I’ll know when I actually sit down to do it. I’m keeping it simple and maybe as I go through the year, I might put together complete dolls from the parts I make.

This is not stressful because you can do as little or as much as you want. If you can only fit in one piece a month, go for it. You never know what you can accomplish until you try. I think it’s worth taking this on and see what I can actually get done. And now I’m off to work on my week #1 piece. Hmmm, what will it be??? I know, but not saying, you’ll have to come back and see. I am setting up my schedule to have a new post each Tuesday for this challenge.

Please click on the image below to go to the Facebook page, join the group and all the information will be right there… Enjoy.


Monday, December 10, 2018

A Mash Up to End the Year

I’ve been working on a number of things and am well behind in posting here. I’ve made ornaments for the gallery, a small commission and some things for my own holiday decor. A bit of a long post, but better that than complaints that I post too often..?? Oh well…

First up at these Winter Rose Fairies. They are an adaption of the Shabby Rose Fairies I usually make. I made little snow globes for them to hold, and nice warm hats and scarves for those winter winds.


Next are the 12 Days of Christmas. These designs are made using the patterns from Larissa over on MMMCrafts. CLICK HERE.  Larissa has used the traditional way of numbering the ornament (who knew there was a different version of numbering them), so if you decide to make them, be aware that you will have to change the numbering if you want the version that is more widely known.


Along with the 12 Days of Christmas, Larissa included 3 bonus designs. One with the Partridge, one with the Geese a Layin and the last with the Lords a Leapin. So there is an egg, a heart and a pear. These ones are on my tree. They are so easy to make and a great way to use up those felt scraps that build up in a basket if you’re like me and love working with felt. ;o)


Another project I did for our Christmas decor. are these cute little Snowman coasters and Candle Mat. This is a design by Penny Lane Primitives. CLICK HERE. There are some really nice designs there suitable for many occasions. This set only took me a few days to do. I wasn’t at it non stop, but it’s very quick stitching you can do while watching tv.


The next thing is a stocking. I had one for hubby and one for the cat (of course), and just finished this one for me this year.The inside is lined with a pretty cotton print covered in male and female cardinals. The pattern does not call for lining, but I’m a detail person and just had to line them. Cheswick Company has a wonderful collection of stocking patterns. You don’t even need to fill them (they are between 18” and 22” long), that would take a lot of stuffing. ;o) But Cathy has tons of ornaments, tree skirts, prim dolls and more for all seasons. CLICK HERE


And the last picture is that of a small doll ornament. A couple bought one of my Tiny Dancers and after leaving the gallery, realized they should have bought something for the other granddaughter. So they contacted me and gave me some details of what they had in mind. This granddaughter loves basketball, has brown eyes and brown hair. So how to make this work. I had wanted to get a mini basketball for the doll to hold under her arm. Not enough notice or time for that, so I came up with a different idea.

I would have her sitting on a basketball. I found a soft foamy kind of ball at the $$ store and it worked out just great. I made some basketball shoes suitable for an 11 year old little girl and a little added bling. I also added a Santa Hat. When they came, they said I captured her just perfectly, so yay…good news. The End….


Thursday, November 15, 2018

Harold the Angel

This angel is an Arley Berryhill design. Mine isn’t quite as embellished as the samples Arley created, but I really like how she turned out. I’ve had these fabrics for a long time and glad I finally found a way to use them. I intended to use it for lampshades (so glad I didn’t go there…. ). What was I thinking…???? lol

Anyway, this is my version of Harold. The only thing I did do differently was to make her some leggings as there weren’t any in the pattern. Just knew at some point someone would look up her skirt, especially since she’ll be hanging up at eye level.. ;o)


The little bird she’s holding is glass. I discovered a technique for stuffing sleeves and her turban that I hadn’t considered before. I used strips of organza and stuffed them into each of those places. That way you don’t see stuffing, you see what gives the illusion of lined fabric.


I had this guardian angel charm from someone and thought it perfect to add to the bigger angel. ;o)


Rather than making the quilted wings that are included in the pattern, I used these gold leaves. I like to check out the sprays that garden centers and other stores have out at Christmas. It’s amazing how beautiful they are and you can just take them apart and use them like wings. They come in all colours, styles and textures. Michaels has lots if you have that store nearby.



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