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Monday, September 9, 2019

Needle Felting

These are the little creatures I needle felted to add to my second project for the hope of entering the Fine Arts Show here in Sidney.

Also included is another fairy. She is made of polymer clay and a wire armature body.


Storyteller Diorama

This is the second project I submitted to the adjudication panel for the Fine Arts Show in Sidney. I will find out on or before Wednesday if this and “The Fool” will be accepted to the show in October.

“The Storyteller” is a woodland scene with the main character being  the Fairy who comes to read to the woodland creatures and little fairies that live there. All the characters are needle felted, while the fairies  are made with polymer clay. The moss in the center area is from my yard where it’s growing on a large stump tucked in a corner. The other green and purple mosses are purchased. I’ve included all the mushrooms and grasses that I made from polymer clay.

There are books, a lantern, a few little bits and pieces here and there. The base is covered in felt to protect a table top. The wood is cut from logs in our woodpile and I’ve pieced them all together to attempt the look of a little meeting place for everyone that comes to see the Fairy and listen to her stories.

The pictures below of the base are before I added to it with more circles to make it a bit wider and longer. The size of the base is approximately 21” long, by 13” deep and 13” tall. It stands about 2” from the table top.


This is where I was organizing what should go where and is the larger version of the base.


This is finished Diorama


And now for the closeups. ;o) The fairies and creatures are very attentive to the storyteller and sit quietly as she reads to them. Do they understand what she’s saying, well maybe not, but they seem to like her being there.


Scattered around the fairies and creatures, are acorn tops, nuts and mushrooms, lichens and even a pond.



Week 35-40 Polymer Clay Challenge

For the #2019PCChallenge I’m posting a combination of my weekly challenges all rolled into one.  The Jester head is of course from The Fool, while the mushrooms and grasses are included in the second art piece submitted for adjudication for the Fine Arts Show in October.

I don’t have a name for the mushrooms or grasses, but for a fantasy type of project, it’s okay.


Friday, August 30, 2019

The Fool

There is a Fine Arts Gallery Show in Sidney in October. It’s just three days but it’s for artists from far and wide. We had to submit our forms and payment in July so I had to decide whether to try this or not. I haven’t entered a show like this before so it’s a big deal for me and I think it’s good to challenge yourself. 

On the 8th of September, we have to take our pieces to the center and leave them for three days to be juried. I’ve been told to not be disappointed if they aren’t accepted as the judges may or may not recognize art the same way we would. It’s all subjective and I know that. I choose to be cautiously optimistic, and it’s probably a better way to think than to allow any kind of negative thoughts to come in.

Here is my first piece, “The Fool”. He is inspired by Ciro Marchetti, a graphics artist who designs Tarot cards and more. He gave me permission years ago to create a doll from his inspirational art. I am including the image that inspired me in the first place.


And here is my interpretation of Mr. Marchetti’s work. I will be in touch with him once I know one way or the other if I’m showing it.


The Fool stands 31” tall from the table to top of his head. The box I used is 8” square. It’s a nice solid pine box. The feet are from my small Tim Holtz stash. I knew somewhere along the way, they would come in hand.

The charms on the sides, are the same Zodiac symbols as shown in the original artwork. I used 6 of them on two sides and the remaining 6 on the sleeves of his costume.  


The sides of the box are covered in a faux gold leather. I applied Mother of Pearl Shell Laminate, that comes from Australia. There is red in the center and a mustard/gold colour on the edges. I used a mini black/gold trim around the lid and sides of the box. To finish the embellishing, I’ve used gold matte lentil beads around the top edges of the lid.


On the front of the box, I used another Tim Holtz item to frame the name of the piece and attached on the front.


The hat, mask, vest, pants and boots are made with leather. The cuffs are a heavy ribbon, the neck ruffle is a light wired ribbon (wire removed). There are a variety or beaded trims, gems, velvet ribbon, wire and cloth roses, and metallic trims. The vest is lined with cotton.

The look is finished with the staff he’s holding. The legs each have brass tubes from the inside base of box, up into the top of the leg on the left side, and on the right side, the brass rod goes up to the chest.



Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Week 31-34 Polymer Clay Challenge

The last four weeks of challenge projects, are Elf ornaments. Mr. and Mrs. Claus definitely need help of the elves during their busy season.



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