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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Art Deco Girls

The girls are done and have gone to the tea shop. Lets hope they are convincing enough for someone to love them and take them home. I think they will at the very least make people smile.

The first lot are outfitted with sparkly skirts and other shiny this and that. The second lot are wearing sparkly bloomers and a different kind of neck ruffle. Maybe it gives them a bit of an androgynous feel, not fully female and a slight hint of male…

Not sure about that either, but they are pretty cute and of course I have a couple of my own. Each year whatever ornaments I make, I also make one or two for my own tree. It’s fun to unpack the Christmas decorations each year and have a little flash back to previous years…





  1. Your dolls are really cute! I'm sure they will be snapped up quite quickly!!

  2. Thank you Sandi. let's hope so...;o))



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