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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The kitchen is dressed now !!

For such a long time I have wanted to have enough time before Christmas to get together some new dish towels and cloths, and hand towels, tea cozy and pot holders. Never had the time up till now. Don't you just get so tired of looking at the everyday old towels etc.  It's a woman thing right,  and I just want to have things look more festive even in the kitchen so now it will. Somehow it makes cooking for the holidays more fun when you have new stuff to look at, don't you think....

So here are the new additions.

Some coasters for the living room as a last thought. I did these with some unfinished marble tiles I already had, but they were a bit stained. A quick couple of coats of acrylic paint, a stamp in white of a snowflake and varnish..Quick easy and fun.


Keep scrolling past this pictures. Just simple changes but important. New hand towels, dish cloths and dish towels.  The ones in the center back are two very quickly crocheted with cotton. I have a stack of them for everything but Christmas..


So these are the potholders and pot handle holders. Does it inspire you to whip some up. They are quick quick quick to do.


And lastly the tea cozy. The pot handle holders will work well in this case as my tea pot is stainless steel and with this tea cozy on it, the handle will get really hot.  Now off to get cracking on the angel for the tree.



  1. Your new Kitchen towels are so festive looking,they would brighten up any kitchen.I love the idea of the pot handle holders,never seen on before.And the coasters are just wonderful.

  2. I've seen these pics via our email group and just have to say that your kitchen must look FANTASTIC with all it's Christmas dressings!



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