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Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Finally back on track again. Holy cow, I haven’t posted since the beginning of May. Well, at least I’ve been busy during that time. Let’s hope everything gets back to normal soon. I’m looking forward to Autumn, my favourite season.

Daisy is my most recent little doll. I made her once before from a class with Colleen Babcock, a very long time ago. If you want to see the first one I did, just use the search box in the right hand column and type in Finders Keepers.

In that version I used black and lime green prints mostly, this time she is Daisy and is dressed in bright cheerful spring summer cotton prints.


Daisy likes to look out at the garden and she especially loves flowers. Her favourite being daisies. So since daisies don’t keep for long, I made a little one for her to hold forever.


Daisies stockings are made with knit fabric. and around her knickers, wrists and bonnet is a narrow ruffled lace. Her slippers are made with faux leather and are framed around the bottom with a tiny trim.  She is free standing and will fit into a small space.



Daisy is available for purchase over on my Maven Fair site. Stop by and see what else is there, I will be adding more shortly.. Many thanks for stopping by.


Friday, May 8, 2020

Nerissa (Sea Nymph)

Long time between posts…. wow… Last month I made this mermaid. She is from an Arley Berryhill pattern by the name of Minerva. I made her larger, about 6” or so. She measures 24” tall.


For her body I made a muslin base for the bottom, then covered that with upholstery fabric .She also has upholstery fabric for the bodice and randomly on her arms.


I think the colours are quite earthy. I used purple and green organza for her tail and fins as well to resemble sea weed. There are spots where I have attached mussel shell beads to resemble scales. It looks great (at least I think so ;o)  and,  I added a minimum of seed beads.


The upper body is made from a flesh toned batik fabric. To finish, I have this textured fiber that looks like a fish net. It is made of string and somehow coated in a pulpy paper mix. I don’t know the process but it certainly worked for this project.

I have Nerissa listed on Etsy if you are interested in her. Click Here  Thank you for stopping by.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Ms. Downey

Presenting Ms. Downey. she is my own original design. She is my version of the Downey woodpecker native to this area. Usually the males of the species are the beautiful ones with all their bold colours. I decided it was time for the lady of the species to take that lead, at least in this case.

The females lack those wonderful bursts of red against the black and white. So with this in mind she is all kinds of red bursts of colour.


The fabric is a hounds tooth in a small print, perfect for my projects. There are red feathers tucked into the tail and her hat.


Her hat, oh my her hat. She is ready for the Easter parade of hats.


Her under belly is Minky, her beak and feet are clay and round her upper legs, I’ve trimmed with red felt and gold beads.



Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Licorice Allsorts

And here is Oliver’s special lady, Licorice Allsort's. She is also made with upholstery fabric. for the body overall. Her ears and boots are leather.

Her shorts and vest are made of silk, the vest being lined with satin. To complete the look, I’ve trimmed her cuffs and shorts with a polka dot ruffled organza trim. 

Along the front of the vest, I added a row of beads on either side, then threaded silk ribbon through the beads and tied with a bow.

The front side of her ears is a faux leather and a co-ordinated pair of roses as the finishing touch. Like Oliver she is jointed to allow for posing.


Licorice’s boots are tied on the side with silk ribbon. The last picture is Oliver and Licorice together. Aren’t they cute. ;o) Enjoy…

licorice09Licorice and Oliver

Tuesday, March 17, 2020


I’m working in another medium for a change of pace. That’s not to say I won’t go back and forth between clay and the usual fabrics I use, but this is a nice diversion for now.

This rabbit is made from upholstery fabrics and a few simple embellishments. While I made a bit of a sewing boo boo making the vest, it turned into a happy boo boo. This is Oliver and I’ll show you what I did wrong and how I fixed it. Oliver and Licorice ( who you will see in the next post) both have jointed limbs so they can be posed however you like.


Here you can see I’ve used one pattern of upholstery fabric for the arms, body, upper legs and head. The ears and lower legs are another and the vest is a lighter, mostly a pillow weight fabric.  Because I don’t like seams like the neck to show, I made a collar and fastened it at the front with a black patterned button.


The mistake I made was to sew the vest with too large a seam, which made the armholes too big. First I made some caps to fit over the shoulders, but that wasn’t enough.  

Using a complimentary silk fabric, I made ruffles to fill in the hollows of the armholes. I used the same vest fabric and made cuffs around the wrists to cover the seams where the hands are attached. The hands were made with a stretch fabric.



The final touch for Oliver were his boots  A few months ago I was given a bag of leather pieces taken from a jacket she had cut up. It’s a lovely soft leather making it so easy to work with for doll shoes.

Oliver’s boots are made from a few pieces pieced together, and completed with metal eyelets and waxed thread. Everyone that has seen his boots, love them. They really look like a real boots and have a bit of an aged look. It’s great when you work hard to make something special like boots and people recognize that.

Yes, I did thread it through those little eyelets and tied it with a nice bow. ;o)  Stay tuned for another post to see Licorice Allsorts.


Monday, February 3, 2020

So far behind in posting…..

I meant to post all of this at the end of December, but I finally got here at the beginning of February. Ooops.

These are the projects I finished at year end. It’s a combination of things, no theme or connection to anything else, just a number of projects I worked on during the month.

There is a new ornament pattern from MMMDesigns on Etsy. Larissa has started a new ornament series “Twas the Night”. This is Mrs. Claus, I posted Santa at the end of October.


Next is Ember the Baby Reindeer. Another ornament from Cheswick Company on Etsy. I found the antlers from a seller on Etsy. They are metal as opposed to paper.


Next are these clay Santa’s. They are from a free project by Maria Saracino that she offered in December. You might still find it on the Sculpey Clay site, not sure.


I get  a newsletter from an artist who works a lot with natural dyes from nature and many other out of the norm ingredients and materials for the free projects she offers. You can find her at Made By Barb.  A freebie she put out near the end of the year, was for these gnomes. I used pieces of tree branches, faux fur and big clay noses. It was the noses that got me. ;o)  It was a good way to use up a few on the thrift store glasses I had too.

Using a Becky Holloway pattern, I made this Santa for someone who did a really great job of organizing and running the Artisans show at the gallery.


And finally, this is Jill Maas recent doll pattern. I made this one just after the New Year, but whose checking.. She can be whatever she wants to be, I’m calling mine a Reindeer in Waiting. ;o)  So that’s it until next time….. I’m already two finished projects into the New Year, not counting Gracie that is.



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