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Monday, July 29, 2019

New Project–#2 the fairy storyteller

This is the main character of the project I’m working on. She is just called “The Storyteller”. She has come to the forest to read to all the forests inhabitants. She is dressed in white to let them know she’s there and to come to the gathering.

It’s a little chilly so she always wears her coat for her visits, also if anyone wants to curl up with her to keep warm. Her coat is made from minky fabric and there is a hood on it. She has some pretty sparkles as all fairies should. There is beadwork on the bodice and a few little glass orbs in her headdress.

I have made her body with cloth and a wire armature. Her head, hands and shoes are clay. The pants are made with a sparkle fabric. Her dress is made with different widths of lace and sewn to the body.


In her lap she holds a storybook. Of course she also has nicely manicured nails, you can’t have a fairy without pretty hands.


Her locks were originally very long but after making the coat and dressing her, it was time to add her hair. I could have it over the hood, that doesn’t work. I tried to have it down her back between the dress and coat, nope.

So I ended up wrapping it up onto the top of her head, and keeping a few ringlets down the sides of her face. Some of the hair is poking up a little from the center of the headdress. At the end you’ll see her little pointy shoes, and on them there are glass orb type beads like in the headdress. You can see the beads in the picture above.


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