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Monday, January 7, 2019

Polymer Clay Challenge – Week 1

Just before you read further, if you use Google +, be aware that Google has decided to take down that platform in August of this year. Unless they change their plans, you won’t be seeing anyone’s page there after August. If you know others who use it, please let them know. It hasn’t been that successful, so the powers that be are discontinuing it.


This is my first week of the challenge. I’m going to work on bird feet this month. First up are Raven’s. I used a picture from Pinterest for inspiration.  I didn’t make the points for the claws very sharp because I think they would just get broken, but they are somewhat pointy.

The picture should have been taken before I glazed the feet, but lesson learned. I kind of knew that I shouldn’t be doing that, but it’s okay. So on to the next set and hopefully I can post in a day or two and then be on schedule for Tuesday posting after that..

This is the picture I worked from and they are Raven feet.

Raven feet / claws. If you have ever doubted that bird are dinosaurs, check these out!

And my interpretation. There is added height on the legs because when I actually make the bird, this will go into the body, all being well that is… I may have to sand off the glaze at the top a little so the glue takes hold. ;o) I made a wire armature first and wrapped the wire with aluminum tape. Week01crowfeet

If you check out Home Depot or other hardware places, look for this tape. If you make a lot of armatures, it’s great. The clay sticks well to it and the tape itself is super sticky… If you don’t make a lot of armatures, maybe you can share a roll with others. It comes in a big roll, and check around price wise. I see it on in smaller rolls as well. The roll I got is like the one pictured below. Enjoy…

Image result for aluminum tape + home depot

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