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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Harold the Angel

This angel is an Arley Berryhill design. Mine isn’t quite as embellished as the samples Arley created, but I really like how she turned out. I’ve had these fabrics for a long time and glad I finally found a way to use them. I intended to use it for lampshades (so glad I didn’t go there…. ). What was I thinking…???? lol

Anyway, this is my version of Harold. The only thing I did do differently was to make her some leggings as there weren’t any in the pattern. Just knew at some point someone would look up her skirt, especially since she’ll be hanging up at eye level.. ;o)


The little bird she’s holding is glass. I discovered a technique for stuffing sleeves and her turban that I hadn’t considered before. I used strips of organza and stuffed them into each of those places. That way you don’t see stuffing, you see what gives the illusion of lined fabric.


I had this guardian angel charm from someone and thought it perfect to add to the bigger angel. ;o)


Rather than making the quilted wings that are included in the pattern, I used these gold leaves. I like to check out the sprays that garden centers and other stores have out at Christmas. It’s amazing how beautiful they are and you can just take them apart and use them like wings. They come in all colours, styles and textures. Michaels has lots if you have that store nearby.




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