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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Troll Santa

Before I get into the latest project, I thought I would update you on something you may or may not know about, OR, may or may not use. Google is going to shut down Google+ by the end of August next year. It’s not used enough to make it worthwhile to keep it going. I’m going to be deleting my account for that. It makes for one less thing to post on, so it’s all good, and it’s not like there are aren’t unlimited places to post your work.


Have just finished Ute Vasina’s latest updated pattern, Troll Santa. I really like how he turned out, pretty cute… He has some little changes from Ute’s design, but it’s how it evolved.  First, I do have a chair like the one Ute used for her doll, but it was just a little bit bigger than Santa and it would have been too complicated to try and make him fit properly. I had this little sled, so I gave it a coat of paint and varnish and it worked out just great.


For his shirt, which you can’t see here, I cut the center front open. I had already sewn the head on, so it was just a little extra work to turn the facings under and add some buttons. It’s no removeable. The hat is stretch velvet and the trim is a stretchy Sherpa fabric.


The sweater is made with a knit fabric. In other pictures you can see a tan colour binding. I used a tuque from the $ store, (cost me $2). I took it apart and used the band to create the binding. Lots left for other uses.

A friend gave me a bag of locks she had just finished washing and drying, so I used those for his beard and mustache.


His socks are cut from dollar store socks. I made a Naughty and Nice book for him. There are a ton of great digital art creators on Etsy, be sure to check them out. You can make all kinds of wonderful doll embellishments with some creativity. They have done the hard part already.


Christmas is the best season to start collecting supplies for the following year. Wait for the sales that start early and you can get all kinds of great decorations. Think about how to use them when you take them apart, not how they currently are. The ladies at the local shops know me so well, they expect me to do that.. ;o)

Instead of making the bunny slippers, I have a collection of doll shoes and these ones are perfect. They were meant to be ornaments, but when I checked them, the opening went right through to the toes, ( check that carefully, they don’t all go right through the foot), so I knew someone would get to wear these. Glue them in. Now if he goes down a steep hill and swoosh’s off his sled, he can land on his feet and keep going. lol


Before he leaves on his trek, the elves wanted to give him a little something to remember them by. They carefully sneaked some Elf jokes into his sweater pocket. If he gets tired and needs a little pick me up, he can pull these out and get a big belly laugh.


And that’s it for today. I hope you like him. ;o)




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