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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Harmonica boy–Ned

The second of my harmonica boys is Ned. I had no clue where I was going to end up with him, but I like the result. I knit the sweater a while ago with this in mind, but at the time I pictured him sitting somewhere playing his heart out. It kind of ended up that way, but you be the judge.

When I showed him to hubby, he right away thought of an Inuit person, and when I took a second look, that’s what I realized as well.


He is the only one of the three standing, it really adds to his overall look. He is all decked out with his new sweater and boots that I made for him.



On his back he’s carrying a multitude of travelling gear. He’s a traveler of sorts. I think a weekend one. ;o)  On his left side, a few cooking utensils, in his pouch a bottle of wine and sheet music. Hanging on the pouch is his lantern for those fireside chats, and of course he carries his trusty ax and some wood to start a campfire.


And finally a little closer look at his boots. Perfect if indeed he is Inuit and needs to walk through the snow. I finished the base with upholstery fabric and trims. His trousers are wool. What you can’t see too well, except a little in the first picture, is his green cotton shirt.

One more to come….. ;o)


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