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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Harmonica Boys

I’m working on three small dolls for a gallery show in March. I have until March 8th to get them done. The idea just kind of popped into my head and thanks to my muse for doing that.

This show is the Small Expressions. The items submitted must stay within a 12” x 12” size and we can only submit three pieces. There is no commission for this show as long as you volunteer to work during it, otherwise there is. It’s only during March, this year it’s from March 10th – 31st.

I’m really glad I ventured out and joined the Arts Council. I’m really not a joiner of groups for two reasons, I have been very hesitant to do it anymore. I feel that if you’re going to join something, you should take an active role, otherwise why join. The second reason is because of past experience with groups and those who just can’t play nice in the sandbox. They make it miserable for everyone else, I can’t stay and play with people like that.

The arts council is a good fit for me. They are serious about their chosen art form, and they encourage and support each other. I’m all about helping others, but not to the point where I am the only one doing that, and I don’t get any of those feelings with this group. I trusted what a friend told me (thanks Dianne) and jumped in with both feet. ;o)

This is just the start of my Harmonica boys.. They are baked now, so they don’t look so shiny, and today, they will get their armatures so they don’t feel so scattered. ;o)


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