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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Friday, June 30, 2017

The Origami Garden- book review 3

This is my second favourite book of the four I received. This is what I look for in a good art book. The cover has to be artful and makes me want to explore further. Isn’t this a great cover. I’ve included a number of pictures, it was hard to choose because the photo’s are so good.


There are so many wonderful projects in this book, 30 in all. The  origami pieces you’ll learn to make are in these categories, Seeds and Plants, Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables and Garden Life.

The directions and diagrams are well laid out and accompanied by very good photo’s. Also, a bonus… you also get a package of over 30 origami papers to work along with the instructions.





The book starts with a little introduction, where Origami began, then moves to a Getting Started Section explaining the folds, origami symbols and diagrams. After that it goes right into how to create the different pieces. At the end there is a page of resources and acknowledgements.


Pears. Not sure if it’s the colours and layout of this page, but it’s probably my favourite one. ;o)



An example of how the instructions are laid out. Some projects are one page of instructions, others are two or more pages depending on the many parts. 


I made a couple of samples from the book just to see if I could follow along and come away with success. I think the only time I ever did any Origami was in school and maybe one small thing since then, so no expert here. But this is how my projects worked out. I’ll be reviewing the last book in the next few days.  Enjoy ;o)


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