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Friday, June 16, 2017

Flower Fairies

This is the other class I signed up for on Adele’s site. It appealed to me because I’m making fairy ornaments for sale from September to December and these will compliment the shabby Rose ornaments very nicely.

Here are the four girls I made, all standing nice and tall in a row, but a back view first.  Starting with the orange/yellow theme, I used the floral sprays and leaves that are recommended in class. From there I moved to a combination of leaves, floral sprays, shabby roses and some velvet leaves, as in the two blue/purple/green tones. The last fairy on the left is made with shabby rose, silk flowers and velvet leaves.


In the front view, you can see three of them are wearing little crowns and there is a little beading on the bodice and at the bottom, and they have earrings. The fairy on the left deliberately only has one earring. ;o)


In the next picture you can see them  a little closer in the upper body and a little bit better view of the embellishments.


On the bases, I covered the blocks and stems with handmade papers. I think creative people have a stash of every conceivable form of art supplies, am I right.


To finish up, here are the close ups of their faces. The hair for all of them is different colours and blends of colours, in wool rovings. It’s so soft, you can twist and shape it and do pretty much whatever you like with it, to create the hair styles.


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