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Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Amethyst Bag–Contest Entry

Sew Sweetness is having a bag making contest open to everyone. You can read the details here. Sew Sweetness

I’m planning to do at least a couple of entries. This is my first one, called The Amethyst Bag. You have to use one or more of her patterns and it can either be a bag or accessory bag.

i work so much with my hands, that by the time i was almost through this bag I had a very sore left hand, primarily the index finger, where I had strained the tendons I guess. That seems to be the one we all favour when we work on projects. After icing it for a day or two and taking part of part of bag apart because i hated what i had done, it’s now finally done, and the hand is good to go again. So back to work.

How do I like her patterns???? Very much. From the supply page onward, everything is very clearly laid out. Sara has put everything in sections in the supply list which makes it easy to go through and cut out the pieces in order and you can tick off as you go.

When putting the parts together, that was also easy to understand. I’m a beginner making bags having only made the odd shopping bag which is generally two sides, the straps and making corners. These bags are far more involved, but what you have at the end is a well made bag that will last. I did have to re-read a couple of spots and hold things together to understand what was intended, but that’s because I’m a beginner. After more bags, that shouldn’t be so much of an issue, she says so confidently.

Sunglasses on for viewing this one. Here we go. I used three co-ordinated prints for this bag. A floral, a polka dot and a stripe. The size of the bag measures approx. 14” square X 3” deep. A zipper all around, and when open, two sides for storage.



On one side, are two pockets and elastic strips for holding utensils. One pocket is all fabric and goes 1/2 way across, with the elastic on the other side. If you are experienced, you could modify what you do. I kept it pretty much to the pattern. The lower pocket is all the way across and is made with a mesh front. Both have zippers.


This is how it looks when things are put into the various places.


In the lower half, I didn’t fare quite so well. I originally used an adhesive (I think it’s called stitch witchery) because my stiffening product wasn’t fusible. Then I discovered that the lining wasn’t fitting properly. My fault, I didn’t sew the seams larger as I was supposed to. I took that apart and this is how I ended up.

It’s fine, it works, but just isn’t adhered to the underside on the base and kind of wrinkly on the sides, but not bad for my first time. I was worried I would repeat my mistake and decided to leave well enough alone or risk damage to the fabric trying to undo something again. Fabric can only take so much pulling and tugging, just like doll making.


Once I added some felt fabric to demonstrate how things are held in place, you really don’t notice the lining so much. The elastic is narrower than what is recommended but I has this floral one and it went better with the fabric than a white elastic. It’s a shame elastic doesn’t come in more colours. Maybe I should experiment with dying some.

In another project I will know better how to deal with the lining. That has been a problem for me even trying to add a lining to clothes. I think it’s one of those things that you have to do more often to get the hang of it well.

But anyway, the last picture below this one, shows it all together and I’m pretty happy with how it all came together. It’s a fun colour and I’ll use to go to my monthly get together with a group of hookers. (LOL….rug hookers). I’m the only doll maker, but I take needlework projects mostly to work on, dolls for show and tell. And now this bag for the next show and tell. ;o) Back soon with more.


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