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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

New Sweaters

Determined to finish projects and throw in a few extras, I’ve kept to that. I had a sweater sitting here, 2 thirds finished, and like all good knitters, I got distracted…..again….and left it sitting while I pondered other things. So this is the finished sweater #1. It’s a cardigan actually and so cozy. I wore it today and it was perfect for the day of chilly temps.

The pattern is from Ravelry, Mari Sweaters. She has a ton of wonderful patterns, almost all are that wonderful oversize appeal (well they appeal to me). I can wear a t-shirt underneath and still be warm. I have other patterns by her, so more to come on that front. The yarn colour is Oatmeal. Close up there are flecks of other colours you can’t really see here.

Here is the link to “The Oregon Sweater”.


The second sweater is called “The Harley Sweater”. This pattern is from KnitPicks. I seldom ever make things the same colours as the pattern, this was just a fluke that I had a grey to work with. The sweater above is a heavier yarn, a worsted weight. The Harley Sweater below is a double knit weight.

I’ve pinned the sleeve to show the cables down the center. I also pinned the bottom edge to show the opening at the hip. This sweater is knit from the top down. You first knit the collar, then pick up the stitches and start working down to the bottom. Not my favourite way to knit, but I really like the design.

If you’re not familiar with KnitPicks, you will enjoy it if you’re a knitter. They give you the recommended yarn and the colours of each yarn they carry that will work. There is a list on the side, below the pattern and you can click each yarn to see the colours and amount needed.


The last sweater for today, is called “The Ballard Pullover”. This pattern is also available on KnitPicks. This one and the Oregon Sweater are knit the usual way from the bottom up. This one is nice with the seed stitch center and the cables up either side of the arm.

It uses a Worsted Weight yarn and it’s so soft. A little tricky with working on the sleeves, but eventually the penny dropped and I got what they wanted me to do… So now 3 sweaters have gone into the Thrift Store box, and I have 3 new ones to enjoy. I am currently working on a black sweater. Will post when done. ;o)



  1. I am in awe of your knitting skills. I cannot knit. I blame my left handed mother who tried to teach me a right handed person to knit and crochet left handed and totally screwed me up for both.

  2. I am pretty much self taught. People tried, but I'm left handed and it was just too hard. I took what they tried to show me, and just figured it out on my own. Like most things because I'm a lefty..



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