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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Christmas Helpers Part 2

Here are the other 3 Christmas Helpers. I can’t pick a favourite out of them, at least not in earshot of them.  ;o)  Do you have a favourite??? They are so much fun to make and figure out just exactly what trims and embellishments to use with them. Enjoy. I’ll be back in a few days with a couple more rag dolls to show you.



  1. I can't choose a favorite; they're all wonderful! (I just bought that pattern, but I hadn't thought of Christmas elves . . . until now. I suspect I know what some family members will be getting for Christmas!)

  2. Hi Anita..What makes them especially fun is that they are one of a kind. You can mix and match to your hearts content.. ;o)

  3. Hi Ramona oh my I can see you are on the roll. They all are wonderful. You did a great job with them. Absolutely delightful very happy to see them.



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