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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pilot / Attorney

This is my latest commission piece. My customer has a son who is an attorney and also has his pilot’s license (for personal use, not commercial). He asked if I could combine the two themes. I never say no, I just say sure, and figure it out later.

This is where I’m at. I have him dressed, down to his shoes. I still have to finish the sleeves of course, but eventually there will be cuffs on them.


Adding to the details will be… a briefcase next to his feet. I was asked to make a helmet with goggles, and to add more to the attorney theme, he will be holding a wig in his hand. The kind that are white with rolls of hair that they wear in supreme court.

I have made him a jacket. It’s a bomber jacket and the pockets are functional. I’ll be miniaturizing something to put in them. Maybe a boarding pass, or map. Not sure, but I will send pictures when I’m further along. In the meantime, here is the jacket.

The leather is some of what was sent to me, the border, cuffs and neck are knit ribbing fabric and a black/gold colour of beads for the buttons… I haven’t fully decided whether to cut buttonholes, but I’m leaning to the no side.

Back soon, ;o))


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