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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Need to sew !!!

I keep tossing out old clothes, things that just don’t work anymore, are old or just never get worn. Those things you buy and either use them to their last viable thread or buy them on impulse and it’s too late to return it. Oh well, lesson learned. I don’t impulse buy anymore.

The problem with getting rid of things, is that you’re supposed to replace them or you know what’s going to happen when you clear out so much stuff that you kind of go “oh oh, I’m in trouble..”…. ;o) and you realize you’ve spent far too much time making your dolls look better dressed. So I’m taking a few days off to do just a little bit of personal sewing.


This project is in 3 parts, leggings, top and dress. I’m spending the day away next Saturday with a friend, and decided a nice new outfit is in order. Here’s how it’s going to go. The fabrics are all knits, so flowy and girlie, what could be better.

Here is the pattern. A Vogue pattern no less. The price on this pattern is $33.00 and before you think, good grief, I would never pay that for a pattern. I wouldn’t either, that’s why I paid I think it was $3.50. I subscribe to pattern company newsletters, and they offer lots of deals. Whenever new stuff comes out, they offer big big sales for a limited time, so I have collected a few patterns that way. They also have clear outs, and those are even cheaper, $1.99 for some. ;o)

I get sale newsletters pretty much every week, so if you sew, go to McCalls, Vogue or other sites and sign up. Especially for Vogue patterns which are the most expensive.


I’m going to make the view on the left of the picture above. It’s the leggings, and top, but the back is the same as the front, rather than the straps. Because these are all knits and can easily stretch, I will have to sew the main seams with a stabilizer. This is a narrow clear elastic and while it will stabilize it will also allow the fabric to still give where it needs to.


The leggings are this colour. I know the colour isn’t “amazing”, but wait until you see how I put it all together.


This is for the top and the side panels of the dress. The panels on the side of the dress are the same fabric at the top, and the fabric for the dress front and back  is going to be all one panel rather thank separate contrasting  fabrics that the picture shows. This fabric is actually Navy blue, but the picture makes it look more royal blue.


And this fabric is for the front and back. It’s a beautiful print up close and personal. It’s very graphic and colourful. The top is dark blue/black and graduates to other colours all the way to the purple/yellow at the bottom, that’s why I’m not using contrasting fabrics, there is so much in this.


Here they are together. I tried to lay the legging and top/panels fabric against where they will contrast when this is done. I can visualize how this will look when it’s done. Can’t wait. ;o)) I’ll be back soon to show where I’m at. Given I have until Saturday, guess I better get with the program…


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