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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

More Granny Power

I had special requests for Grannies, so this is what I’ve just finished working on. Being that these are small, I tried to incorporate just what was needed to get the message across. 

One of them is for someone who is a cleaning fanatic. In this case I made a mini Swiffer out of a real Swiffer and a scrubber in her hand made with tulle. An apron, blue shiny shoes, a string of pearls and a crown for the finishing touch.  And let’s not forget Fuchsia and Yellow hair. Granny is hip…. ;o~


This granny is for a teacher. She has the expected lace trim on her bodice and neckline. In her hands she is holding the books for the school year, she teaches Horticulture. She also has at the ready her pointer, did you ever know a teacher without one. ? Her hair is lovely shaded of green, fuchsia and blue brought together is a bun on top of her head, her shoes are purple, that power colour. ;o)


The last of the grannies is a knitting granny. She is also prepared with her pearls and blue hair with touches of yellow, just in case something more stimulating than knitting beckons to her. She has been knitting her scarf, but her shoes tell me she’s ready to get out of the house. And that is all for today. Keep well and I’ll see you soon.


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