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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Knitted Projects

At night I’ve been knitting some small projects. A couple I did in time for Christmas, the rest, well just because. I have been enjoying not working on a time line and so out came my knitting needles and here is the result.  These first two scarves I did before Christmas. Same pattern, just knitted on different sized needles. Paddington agreed to be my model. This tan coloured scarf I deliberatly knit loosely. It was well received, and a number of people were trying it on.  The teal one I did a tighter stitch on smaller needles.



This next set came from a magazine I picked up in 2011. if you can still find it, or a back copy, it’s a really good issue from Creative Knitting. Here are a few examples of what’s in it. I’m a person who likes simple knits. Much prefer practical and functional sweaters and more. If I’m going to spend the time knitting them, I have to really like them.


I fell in love with the fingerless gloves pattern back then and like other projects, started and didn’t finish. Sounds so famiiar, oh my. But I am plowing through things and marking them off. The scarflette as they called it, wasn’t actually on my mind to make, but i like the gloves so much, I decided to knit  the scarf too. I love all the different colours and patterns. The scarflete is knitted in the round on dbl pointed needles, so what you see is a dbl thick scarf. I wore these out today and they are so cozy.


As Paddington will show you, the scarflete has a unique way of fastening. Rather than flip it around your neck, you knit an opening into the last section and then slip the other end through that. You could have the scarflete resting sideways or just down in front.


The last project i just finished tonight is this scarf and hat set. The yarn is a silk blend, so the hat isn’t itchy to wear. I bought another of these gorgeous big buttons and two of other style and colour to dress up the hat. Maybe I’ll test drive this set tomorrow, if Paddington will share it with me.

The third part of the Trilogy of Reviews is coming. There is a lot involved with the last one, but soon…;o)



  1. Ooh, so many goodies and such eye candy! Scarflette? Love it! What a neat idea. For those of us who have scarf pretensions (they always fall off or droop) it's the perfect answer. Love the silk blend outfit. I'd wear it in a heartbeat - not in the middle of summer right now but later this year :-)

  2. Some lovely knitting here Romona! Winter is the perfect time to get out those needles.



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