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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Frost Fairies

Doesn’t time just fly past when you’re busy. That’s a good thing isn’t it, at least when you’re busy you’re supposed to be accomplishing something. Well, I have been but can’t slow down yet. Still much to do. In between cooking our Thanksgiving ham with all the trimmings today, I’ll also be pressing on with more gifty items.

I designed these little fairies with the intention of making 24, but they are pretty close to as much work as a regular size doll, so 12 is all that will be offered this Christmas. I’m okay with that, it will give me an idea of how well they are received and what to do next time.

So here are the girls. I worked on these the last couple of days at the museum and everyone seems to love little fairies. These are about 6” tall, or just a little less.

They are made using three different press molds for the head, hands and feet. All have sleepy eyes and you might remember the head is the press mold from Cyndi Mahlstadt. She seems to have fallen off the doll world radar. If anyone knows what’s happening with Cyndi, please drop me a line and let me know.


The bodies are just simple tube shapes. The hair is a variety of knitting fibres. They are all either silver or gold, each holding a wreath that also has on it a little fairy charm. The fabrics have sparkle and/or shine to them, but hard to see in the pictures.


Each one also has a little row of white roses across the front of their hairline.

frostfairies02smEven fairies can wear a little makeup.


I’ve incorporated the shabby rose theme like my other fairies, they each have shabby rose bottoms. ;o)



And that’s all for today. I hope these little ladies brought a smile to your face. Bye for now… ;o)


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  1. They are wonderful Romona, bet they will fly off the shelves! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Deb xo



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