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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

5 Gold Rings

Well, in this case, 2. I’m a bit out of order making these 12 days of Christmas ornaments, but I was intrigued with how Larissa designed the pattern pieces to go together for this ornament. She’s a very clever designer for sure. 

I think most of us would have drawn a circle on double thickness fabric and called it a ring. ;o) But not Larissa, she made it a creative challenge to make these, not hard at all, just very clever.  I’ve added a charm to each as well that is in the shape of 5 gold rings.

I’ve decided to focus on a collection of gift type items for the shop and not so much in the way of dolls. I will make one set of dolls, but very simple ones. I wanted to change things up this year and see what the response is to smaller things that would be good stocking stuffers or even just for themselves, and things that are functional as well as decorative.

So from now until we decorate the shop, that’s what I’ll be doing, then finish my last order of the year. More pictures coming soon, I do have more made, but am trying to space things out a little…


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