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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Peggy and Sara

A couple of posts ago I mentioned a doll from a magazine I wanted to make. Well I actually ordered the rest of the series from the designer. There are 6 dolls in the series. Easy to make and just so cute. I’ll post two today, and another two in a couple of days.

Candy used old sweater, scarf and miscellaneous bits of fabric for hers. I don’t have any of that, that would be suitable so I headed to the $ store. We’re so close, that $ store and I. ;o~  For all the dolls main costuming,  I have used toques and socks, cotton fabric for the sleeves and pants on some, remnants for the sleeves on others. As I post them, I will let you know what’s what for each one.

The wood I mentioned getting hubby to cut for me, was cutting some rounders into slices and the dowels to the size I need. I’m quite certain that have had him cut his share of dowels, drill holes and cut slices of rounders that if I ask for more, he would probably do it, but quietly asking himself how many more are coming… ;o~

Here is Peggy. Her top is made from a toque as are the sleeves.Her hat is made from some fleece I just got, but for the amount the hat calls for it was worth cutting into it. The scarf is wool felt, the mittens, socks and shoes are made from the same pair of socks just cutting into the toes to get the blue part, The pants that you can’t see, are made from the lower part of hubbies pj bottoms. I cut them into shorts, I knew the flannel would come in handy. She was very happy when I stitched on her sock monkey button.


This is Sara. Her top is from a toque. The hat and shoes are made with pink minky. The bow on her hat, the band on her hat, the mittens and her socks are made from a pair of socks. The scarf is pink felt, the sleeves and pants are made from cotton and I’ve trimmed the sleeves and shirt bottom with cotton lace.

She was mortified when I took this picture, but I just had to show you how cute they look from underneath. Stay tuned in a couple of days for the next ones.





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