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Sunday, August 17, 2014

When it’s right, it’s right

When you do things right, Mother Nature will always reward you for your efforts. This is one of the dahlias that I didn’t dig up last fall. We got lazy and decided to take our chances. We only use compost and other natural fertilizers, and with just the right amount of watering and the perfect weather…..this is what happens

This dahlia is called Penhill Watermelon and I bought it here. Click here.  It’s over 5’ tall and the blooms are just as described, at least 12” across. It’s been stopping people walking by, even at dusk, it almost glows. Amazing….

I’ve already decided that next year I am going to plant mostly these dinner plate size dahlias. I don’t really bring them in the house that much anyway as I like people to enjoy them when they walk by, so I think a big display of big ones will be fun to grown.




  1. WOW! These blooms certainly have a wow factor!

    Do you need to support them? They look like they might bend the stalks as they are so large.

    If you plant more of these big ones you'll have a stream of people walking by to see them :-)

  2. Just breathe taking! I love dahlia's and had an Aunt in Va Bch,
    that had two named after her. She had 5 acres of dogwood and dahlia's.
    She is gone now and so is her garden.
    None any more lovely then yours.
    Oh memories, thanks for the picture.
    Too hot for many flowers in Florida
    and too much rain this year.



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