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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Mrs. Claus

Santa will be happy, his Mrs. is ready to come home. Last year I made this Santa for the tea shop. He is “Old World Santa” design by Deanna Hogan. The lady that bought him, requested a Mrs. Claus to go with him for this Christmas.


Some of the details for Mrs. The body is basically the same as the Santa other than the tummy area. As you can see in the picture, I made a tuck in the stomach to keep her more ladylike. Since the only parts of the pattern I was able to use were the shirt and cape, I had to give her the rest.

She definitely needed some bloomers. She also needed some kind of slip, so I used a doily and between the two, they just fill the underside of her skirt nicely. You know everyone will want to look up her skirt, we can’t help ourselves, we have to know.


The skirt is made of a heavy lining type of fabric. The blouse is cotton and finished with small vintage pearl buttons. The trim around the waist is finished off with a ribbon rose. In the finished picture you can’t see those details or even her hands, but the customer will be able to, at least she’ll be able to feel the hands if not see them… Confused.???? Keep reading.


Her features are completed with her hair pulled up into a bun after needle felting white wool roving onto her head. There is lace around her wrists and neckline, with a bit of bling around her neck and finished off with another ribbon rose.

I added a sparkly cabochon at the side of her bun. The trim around her hood is rose pattern minky, as is the muff for her hands and the trim around the top of her boots. Her boots are made with soft white leather, the soles are dark brown neoprene.


To hold her cape together at the neck, I used a piece of chain and gold buttons, to give the illusion of a closure. While posting the pictures, I could see that the bun is still a bit too tall on one side, so I have since needle felted that down to make it more even. Funny the things you see once the pictures are looking back at you.


So here she is full length, front and back. She stands as tall as Santa, just under 14”. She’s off to the tea shop in the morning.



  1. What a kindly face you have given her. Sweet, benign and compassionate all rolled into one... how clever is that! As ever her accoutrements and embellishments are top class. You are gifted with a great eye. Well done!

  2. As always your work is amazing. What a wise lady who realized she needed her!

  3. What a fabulous sweet:) Your customer will love her.

  4. Mrs. Claus is so lovely, she looks just like I imagined she would! Your customer will be thrilled I am sure Romona (as will Mr. Claus!)



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