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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nicholas and Nico–Part 2

My Jester and Marotte parts are now painted and dressed up. I use Jo Sonja paints and the flesh tone for anyone who might be interested in trying it, is called “Skin Tone Base”. Jo Sonja and Matisse (Matisse is an Aussie brand of acrylic paint), are wonderful to work with. The paints come in tubes, and so nice and creamy. The Matisse are a stronger pigment with their colours. Here are links to the paints.     Jo Sonja    Matisse

The hands are really more Androgynous I think but maybe once this Jester is put together, it’ll lean more to the male look. The hands look so good, we should all have such good manicures.


For the Marotte, the hat is decoupaged with the body fabric. The center area is painted and stippled on the bands with gold. I used two colours of bells for the ends of the hat, two are a burgundy colour, two are kind of a cross between yellow and gold. He has his earring and his stupid grin. If nothing else, even if you don’t like his grin, you at least will laugh about it, good or bad..

Not sure what the Jester is thinking about, perhaps “what are you laughing about, all you’ll ever be is a head on stick”….Surprised smile

In the Marotte’s defense, he never will be full bodied, so he does deserve some dressing up, after all what’s a Jester without his Marotte side kick.


I’ve shown the back of the head just to show how the back is finished  with the metal button, the same kind of button I used on his shoes.

marottehead02smThe shoes are painted and a leather strap and button attached. A simple look as the rest of the Jester will have a fair bit of attention paid to him in the way of costuming. He won’t need a bunch of embellishing, the costuming that Linda designed is pretty impressive, so I don’t want to hide that.

Tomorrow I’ll begin working on the body and costuming. The part I enjoy the most.


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