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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nicholas and Nico–done

My Jester and his little buddy are finished. What a great project this doll was. Of course I’m biased because I love Jesters. I doubt there is a Jester out there that I don’t like. Without further delay….here they are.

Nicholas stands 25” tall. I’ve gotten away from tall dolls for the most part, but Linda Hollerich does the most interesting character dolls, her unique style definitely stands out. Even though Nicholas is tall, all it takes is for someone looking for just the right art piece to stand in a certain area of their home.

Details as follows:

The white details on his legs are appliques cut from fabric. 



The center detail is done with metal scroll pieces found in a scrapbooking section, probably at Michaels. I put one on either side, then stacked a couple a large beads on top of each other along with a red bead on the very top, and used that to connect them in the center.


If you have a lumber place nearby, check it out. You can find some wonderful pieces for bases. You might pay more than a cheaper piece from say Michaels, but it’s worth it. I always check the area where they have all the different cuts for making stair railings.



I used two different types of leather, one type for his earring, pouch and tying Nico’s stick to his leg. The other to create the leg detail on his left leg.I also used three different size bells.



  1. Romona, you must be please how this beaut Jester turned out.Well done.

  2. A lot of work but he turned out fabulous:)

  3. Ramona he is wonderful. I love everything about him.



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