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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nicholas and Nico

When I was working on the last class doll “Queen Emi” from Linda Hollerich’s class “Mastering the Soft Landing”, Linda asked if there were a type of doll I would be interested in making. Of course without hesitation I responded that if she would like the challenge, I would love to make a Jester. And this is what she created from that conversation. This is a available at Adele’s site, you can click on the picture to get there. As soon as I saw it, off I went and signed up.


As you can see by the title of this post, I’ve chosen the names for my Jester and his Marotte buddy. The names just stuck in my head and naming your dolls can often be a problem because it has to be just right. I’ve done the clay parts.

There is still some cleaning up to be done that doesn’t show in the pictures, but I’m pretty much done and hopefully tomorrow I can get the painting done and then on to the costuming (my favourite part). One hand is clenched to hold the Marotte stick. I tried to make the hands masculine looking, but if I got to Androgynous, that’s okay too.


I was planning to do the shoes the same as Linda’s, but my muse was having no part of that, so what they will look like (I hope) when they’re painted and a leather strap attached, is a moccasin type shoe.

You can always tell when your muse is poking you in the head. They try to tell you not to do something and if you aren’t going to listen, you will find yourself constantly fighting with what you’re doing, until you just simply give in and do what it is she’s trying to tell you.


And here are Nicholas and Nico so far. I can’t do creepy Marotte’s, this is the closest I could get. One of the ladies in the class gave her Marotte some teeth. I had wondered about adding teeth while I was sculpting his head, so when I saw hers with teeth, I thanked her for the inspiration and got busy with dental work on mine. I’ll leave this all to dry for another day and tomorrow will get the paints out. And that’s it for now..



  1. Oh Romona, this is an exciting project.Looking forward to seeing how it develops.I love jesters.

  2. Amazing Romona, can't wait to watch them as they progress!

  3. Love what you are doing! I have one of Linda's creations and love it. I am taking another class from Adele's site. I have two of Linda's patterns but have not taken one of her classes.

  4. Thanks ladies. Ruthanne, Linda's class are always fun and creative. She tries to push you outside of your comfort zone which is good. The more you challenge yourself the more creative things you can do with your dolls. ;o))



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