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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Who Will She Bee!!

I’m busy working on my first class of the year. Am trying to resist taking too many, I have so many others that haven’t been done and it seems kind of silly to keep taking them and not finishing. With that thought in mind though, I am making a concerted effort to finish what I sign up for. An example was Fiona, just after Christmas.

This is the next class I’m taking from Linda Hollerich. Linda as always has that wonderful vision for her characters. She encourages you to go away from what she’s created and make the doll your own, so with this one, I’m making her into a young bee learning how to manoeuvre in a her world of high speed exercises, millions of other flying objects to skirt around and carefully placed landings near those delectable flower blossoms that await her.

This is my week 1 head, hands to follow. I spend quite a lot of time creating what I think is the bee like face. I added the bumps on the side for her antennae, the center with be for her hair. Yes, my bee will have hair, but it will be just perfect bee hair. She also seems to have leanings toward an Asian bee. I see odd places where I could spend time fussing more, but I think once her face is painted and adornments in place, they won’t be so obvious. As I learned in painting classes, don’t over work the thing or you will surely mess it up and have to start over.


While this has been going on, we’ve also added a house guest to our daily activities, while her mom spends a few days in hospital. This is my muse for all things whisker like. Any wonder why I carefully follow behind Chrissie waiting for her whiskers to fall out. Doesn’t she have the most magnificent whiskers ever.. ;o))




  1. What a great looking head! Can't wait til you finish!
    hugs Karen

  2. Yes, your head sculpting is fab!
    LOVE puss.She's so pretty, and what whiskers to boot!!

  3. Wow the head looks wonderful. Kitty I beautiful too

  4. Loving your beautiful bee Romona, can't wait to see her completed! And those whiskers! What a beautiful kitty. Happy creating, Deb



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