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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Garden Art _ Bird Buffet

In the Mixed Media group I’m with we’re having a garden art challenge. You have to use some kind of glass. Cups are okay, so I picked up a box of Espresso cups and saucers at the dollar store.

The first step was to glue the saucers (upside down), to the bottoms of the cups. I used E6000 glue. I like to leave things overnight to dry properly so things don’t shift. Then I glued the cups and saucers to a large size cooling rack. Under the center cup, I first glued on a small terra cotta plant saucer just to raise the center up a little.  I was pleasantly surprized to find that one of the saucers was different, so that was nice to break up the patterns a bit. 

I didn’t dress up the surrounding area with any silk flowers or other foliage, because I wanted to be able to just wash it with the garden hose, so keep that in mind if you plan to do something similar. Make it easy to clean up between feedings..


The next step was to set up the buffet. I used a combination of peach and apple slices for two of the saucers in case some passing butterflies wanted a snack to.  To the rest of the saucers I added a variety of seeds and nuts.


Looks yummy doesn’t it. If I were a bird, I would land here.  We do have pussy cat visitors, so here’s hoping I haven’t created a buffet for them as well. I will go with the thought that the birds are quicker. Within 30 seconds of filling the buffet plates, there was one unwelcome visitor, but I quickly dealt with that, he’s gone to a much better place.


So that’s it. I hope I’ve given you a little idea for your own birds. With the weather starting to show signs of change around here, most of the plates will soon be filled with sunflower seeds to give the birds more protein in the colder weather….but for now this is what they’ll get.

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