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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Queen Does NOT Sew

My friend Maria and I have challenges once in a while and this time we decided to challenge ourselves with Barbara Willis’s design.  Pincushion Diva.  Although the pattern comes with instructions for making the form, I had these blanks and it gave us a starting point to work from.


I might be still stuck in my earlier era’s thought process, because I immediately thought of Marie Antoinette again. In this case, maybe her evil twin if she had one. ;o~  I used some pretty vintage looking curtain or ?? lace, along with treasures of jewellery broken and otherwise that have been given to me over time.

The body is covered in a tapestry fabric. The sleeves are basically just tubes and I stuffed burgundy organza up inside just to add a bit of colour and to pick up the burgundy in the tapestry fabric. I used the same organza under the skirt along with a light tan colour similar to the lace.

The only hand charms I have, are all left hands, so I used a scissors charm for the other side. Of course, she must have a mask and crown, diamonds on her head and jewels to adorn the hem, but don’t ever ask the Queen to sew…. You will not be greeted well.

In addition:  I meant to add that the face is made from a press mold by Sherry Goshon, “Joy”. Instead of paper clay I used polymer clay, then added just simple touches of colour to her lips and the eyes that you can’t see here because of the mask. Again just simple touches.



  1. What a great way to do up the mannequin. It is so fabulous!
    hugs Karen

  2. She is much too beautiful to stick pins into Romona, love her! And thank you for the link to Barbara Willis, another wonderful site to explore!

  3. She is wonderful. The lace dress is gorgeous



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