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Friday, December 28, 2012

Taking Inventory for 2012

At the beginning of 2012 I got this great idea to pick up a journal and each project I do throughout the year, I would photograph and glue into my journal, write a little note about it and at the end of year, see just exactly what can be accomplished.

So that’s what I did and when I took stock today of all the projects I did, it kind of made my head swirl a little. I wasn’t sure what a years worth of creativity would look like, but here it is. Some of these projects can be seen on my other blog if you follow me and can’t remember seeing them all. I’m not going to post pictures of everything, just give you a rundown.

I filled 55 pages of the journal for starters and in those pages are:


  • Cloth   18
  • Clay   7
  • Ornaments   47
  • Bugs   2

The following on are my other blog  Northbrook Stitches


  • Finished a UFO Angel for the first project of the year
  • Created 2 free cross stitch charts based on two of my dolls
  • 6 Needlework Buttons
  • TAST – which I didn’t finish. Started off strong, but had to let it go when I got to busy

Sewing Projects

  • Gift package for a friend which contained: tote bag, wallet, pin doll, pin cushion, Kleenex holder, CC holder
  • Two sets of curtains
  • Altered a shirt for hubby
  • Small purse
  • Polar Fleece Vest and Jacket
  • Set of 4 place mats


  • Two scarves
  • 1 pair of fingerless gloves
  • 4 shawls


  • Set of 5 bookmarks from an Alice in Wonderland challenge


  • A really bright almost fluorescent green vest

And that is all…..I have my new journal in hand ready for 2013 and we’ll see how that turns out. So this journal is ready to be put to sleep now, it’s been busy and needs the rest.

Wishing all my blog readers a very happy, healthy, creative and peaceful 2013. Surround yourselves with only positive things and the year will be amazing….. Remember to get some good sleep to make you feel rejuvenated to create.


Make sure to take time out to meditate and practice your OM’s…. Do what the animals do, they seem to get it.


Keep well and see you soon, Romona


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