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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Messenger Bag

This is my Messenger Bag and one of Michelle Patterns great designs. I used up some different fabrics  that I had and together they created a vintage looking bag. The front is a tapestry fabric. Click this image for the pattern page to find all the information you need.


There is hardware to add to the strap of the bag to allow you to make the strap longer or shorter. I tend to wear the strap across my chest, so my hands are free and I walk more naturally rather than gripping my purse. If  I was in a crowded place I would grip my bag though. Years ago I had my purse snatched (got it back right away – never knew I could move that fast when given a good reason).  Click the image below to find the hardware needed for this design.


There are side pockets,  a back pocket, one under the front flap and three inside the bag that can be used for pens and a notepad or whatever you need.




I went to visit friends yesterday and do some shopping and they were commenting on this bag and that they really liked it, so I’m happy to. To get there I had a short ferry ride each way and this little bag is just the right size to carry the all important wallet, a book to read and sunglasses. For me it’s a great size because I don’t really like big bags slung over my shoulder and it’s not good to carry heavy bags either. Dr. Oz had a segment on his show one day about that. Imagine having your purse weighed on national television.;o)))


Instead of using the button closure suggested in the pattern, I went with a magnet. Just a personal preference in this case.


The purple and teal fabrics were easy to pick. The colours show up in the tapestry fabric, I love teal anyway and I made a doll a while ago using some of this purple. It is such a vintage look. This is the doll I made using the purple fabric. Come back again soon.



  1. Neat bag! Wonder if I could make it before I leave for my trip in two weeks.
    Really love your doll and lovely face.

  2. Hi Ruthanne, You could easily make this bag in a couple of days. It's not hard and the directions are very clear... Send me pictures if you do make it...

  3. Oh Romona...that doll is beautiful:)

    I'd opt for the magnet closure too...much quicker to open and not so fiddly.



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