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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
If you live locally, come and visit our show. We are 4 Artists now, our new addition is an artist who beautifully restores and repurposes furniture pieces.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Here’s My Heart

This is my first doll for the year that’s heading off to the shop in town. It’s a Cindee Moyer design, originally called “Heart Deco”. I had a bit of a question mark over my head at the beginning, trying to figure out how to do the cut out in the body.

I contacted Cindee to clarify what it was I wasn’t understanding. So two things. First, when she refers to the “lining”, that’s actually referring to the piece that forms the box shape of the cut out, not lining the whole body. The second thing, when she says use “ultra firm stabilizer” for the insert, she means it. I thought I had a firm one and it kept collapsing on me. I cut a second piece of fabric and doubled the stabilizer and it popped right into place with no trouble at all.

I chose not to do the arms and hands for her, just kept it as Cindee’s is. I added some fabric roses front back and on  her head and some strands of beads down the front. Her head is covered with a faux skull cap of the same fabric. In the center is a Venice lace heart, doubled for strength and a couple of beads hanging from the bottom for a bit of sparkle.

At least she’s done for Valentines day, but the theme kind of goes for the whole month doesn’t it.



  1. I have made one of Cindee's patterns...Damselfly...and I loved it. I have just bought another one called Queen of Hearts. I haven't seen this pattern. It's really lovely:)

  2. So happy to see you are still doing dolls. Love Cindee's style and you did a wonderful job.

  3. Thank you ladies. Ruth I love doll making to much to give it up. I developed a bit of joint pain in my thumb before Christmas from the amount of dolls and ornaments I did, so I had to take it a bit easy for a while to give it a rest... ;o))



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