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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Steampunk Oddfae–next stage

My little guy is coming along nicely. Spent the afternoon yesterday with my friend Jeannine and we were having some silly time as we progressed to putting our dolls together. Haven’t quite figured out his name yet, and haven’t done the painting on the face. I’m leaving that for later until those moments come when you know exactly what you want for them.

Did you see that movie from a few years ( a remake of the original) The Secret Garden. This picture reminds me of the little girl standing like this while the servant dressed her, except in the movie, the girl looked so totally ticked off. This little guy seemed so pleased to be outfitted in his undies to keep him warm.. I swear his cheeky grin grew even bigger by the time I was done.


He’s obviously been indulging in Fae treats a little too much.


But his butt looks pretty toned I’d say….


Stay tuned, clothes come next…


  1. Wonderful face. I think you have been playing with clay more than I have!

  2. Hi Ruthanne, Actually I haven't. This is only about the 3rd time I've done anything. I've used pressmolds but I don't think that counts because the face is already done, you're just tidying up any boo boos. ;o))

  3. He looks adorable already. You did a great job of sculpting his face



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