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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

EcoPrint2 Pro

I thought I would share with you a new software program I just got. I bought a bundle of software from a company in the UK,  They have a variety of programs for web design to graphic art and much more. I got to know about them when I bought an earlier version of the WebPlus web design software.

They made me an offer on a bundle of products to try and one of them I am especially pleased with. It’s not their product, but am so glad that they are a retailer for it. I did not know that makers of printers, set their printers up to use the most ink and of course that makes total sense from a retail perspective. You want people to buy lots of ink. If you are a graphic artist or designer of some sort, you will want to have the best resolution and quality prints you can.

However, for the everyday consumer like me, who takes a lot of online classes and has tons of printing to do, the ink can start to cost a pretty penny. Well, that’s been nipped in the bud so to speak. When you are ready to print your documents, you just open them up in this program, then send it to your regular printer to print it out. What this program does, is resets the ink usage in your printer and reduces the amount of ink you use by 75%. I does not reduce the quality of what you are printing either. Imagine how much money you can save.

Normally when I print colour pages, the printer will stop and let the pages dry before it prints the next one, and so on. I did a print out this morning of approx. 50 pages. The printer never stopped. That tells me that the amount of ink used was greatly reduced because otherwise the printer would have kept stopping to allow the previous pages to dry.  Not this time and I am now a happy camper. I wish I had known about this sooner. Drat…..

Another tip to share with you, or at least something to watch for when you buy a printer. Look at printers that use individual cartridges for each colour. The reason is, if your printer has one cartridge for the colours, if one colour runs out you have to replace the whole cartridge. Very expensive especially since there is still ink left in the other colour chambers. Ask me how I figured that out. If you run out of one colour with individual tanks, you only need to replace that colour, and each time a colour runs out, it will only cost you the price of that colour. Just something to think about next time you buy a printer.

The site for the ecoprint2pro is here.   There are two versions, one is to save on ink and toner, the other is ink, toner and paper. That’s the one I have.  EcoPrint2 Pro.  You can download a trial version and give it a go and see what you think….Good luck.

****Just remember, open your document as usual, choose ecoprint2 from the printer options. When the ecoprint2 window opens with your document, then choose your printer from the options, and voila****

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