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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Drafting Doll Clothes

I think I’ve discovered that I’m a binge blogger. It’s either feast or famine. It’s been to long since I posted, but for good reason. This has been a busy busy house, but more about that another time. Today’s entry is my first doll outfit from the Drafting Doll Clothes workshop with Colleen Babcock.

I kind of sort of, knew the approach to making doll clothes because I sew for myself, but learning it the way I did with Colleen just put all the pieces together in a neat little package of easy to understand steps. If ever she’s in your area, you really need to try and get a workshop with her. I can’t say that enough, she truly is the best teacher.

This is my porcelain doll from at least 25 years ago. I made two of them this size, and I’m in the process of making the same outfit for the other doll but in a different colour.  So starting with the shoes I made, these are made using a wool fabric, hard leather soles, trimmed with soutache and for the laces as well, and they are lined. I even made a tongue for them…. Sweet..


No self respecting dolly would be without socks, so she has those too. Stretchy lace and trimmed with lace as well.


Moving up, she has her pants on now.


She has her hat now, hasn’t she just got the cutest face, love those chubby cheeks. The buttons I made, they are polymer clay. I used those metal button kits, the kind that you cover the metal button with the fabric you’re using, but in this case, I covered them with clay and made 3 sizes. I added two colours of ribbon trims and a couple of white buttons for contrast..


And here is the final finished look. For comparison, I have added  the pictures below that I used to create the clothes and shoes. The shoes aren’t quite the same, but they are similar. Google images is such a great resource. Enjoy.



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