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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bathroom Reno

My reno’s may not be a hot topic for some people,  but when I look around me, I am quite surprized at the number of people that are doing them. Maybe it’s because of the summer weather because we all know it’s not going to last, so get done now what we can before the rain starts and we can’t have doors and windows open. Maybe my reno’s will inspire or help someone out there. I will have dollies to show soon, but this is what’s happening now.

The next phase of the updates was to change the lino in the bathrooms. The main bathroom lino had developed a bubble and I just knew there was going to be trouble. However, everything we’ve done so far, has been without problems, so this is good.

The main bathroom and ensuite have the same lino so I’ll just show you one of them. I went out to do some errands while the gentleman was here working on the bathroom. When I got back I heard a voice from upstairs saying, “we have a problem”. whereby I called back, “I knew you were going to say that”. It wasn’t as bad as the pictures with show, more work for the poor guy than anything else. On his hands and knees scraping off this unholy black mess of exploded particle board. So glad he wore proper stuff to work in with all those potential mold spores floating around… Eww, poor guy.

Old Lino…… thank goodness it’s gone to the great beyond. I know I’m waffling on about the colour, but seriously, the floors, the counters and even the carpet was/are either gold or yellow. 


Water damage. It was restricted to the particle board under the lino and didn’t go further. My persistence in getting the floors changed paid off because the workman told me if we had waited much longer we could have had much worse trouble.

There was a layer of particle board on top of the bottom layer of plywood and why anyone even back in 78’ thought that particle board was a good idea for a bathroom is beyond me. The water damage only got part way along and thankfully didn’t require taking it out from under the tub and cupboard….that would have been a huge extra cost and time factor, so I’m counting my blessings.



Once the rest of the particle board was taken out we had a week of waiting for it dry out and for the company to reschedule him to come back and finish the job.  A new slightly thicker  piece of plywood replaced (NO PARTICLE BOARD) the floor could be finished.  So much better and of course those same baseboards. (aka framing wood ;o~)


My final touch was on the weekend. After finishing the kitchen I started scraping away at the old grout around the tub. A bit of mess mostly near the faucet, but not to bad when I got it all off.

The part where the mold was starting to show, didn’t go beyond the surface, so it was quick and easy to scrape away. Dried off well, new silicone and the job is done. No plans to paint the bathrooms, maybe just a wall washing in my future…


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