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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Round Robin Doll #4

I decided not to let time slip away from me like it did for the this months round robin swap, I got busy today and worked on the doll I got at last nights meeting. I was so happy because this doll has hair and stuff, not a lot of thinking to do this time. The story for this one as the book reads, is that she’s following in the footsteps (if she had feet that is) of Cher and others like her in the entertainment field.

My contribution to the cause was to add to her Divaness by giving her a boa (how cliché is that). Her gown was down the floor, but I peeked under it and discovered this wonderful diamond pattern fabric and I just couldn’t leave it covered, the colours just had to shine. So I ruched the front of it to make it look more like something stage like, at least I think it does.


The last thing I added was a microphone. So where does one find a mic for a doll, hmmmm, decided to make one for her. Very quick tutorial for you on what I did.

At the hardware store you can find all kinds of interesting things in little drawers. I found these little bit of metal that were long and thin about 1” or so long. Don’t know what they’re for but they were a good size and length. I found a wooden bead in my stash that would fit on top but it was a bit big. I flattened out some black polymer clay, wrapped it around the metal piece and smoothed it out.

Then took the bead and pressed it onto the top and took more flat clay and molded it to the bead. I cut a piece of screen placed it on top and used a bit more clay to hold it in place, then a second layer of screen just to make it show up more and gently smoothed out the clay again. I pushed some large size jump rings up the handle and pressed them into the clay, then baked it all as per the manufacturers instructions. When it was cooled off, I just glued on some cabochons, and presto, one doll size microphone.



My work here is done and she’s ready to move on next month to her next doll maker.


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