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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Purple Green and Impish all over……

So I’m onto my next doll from the workshops with Colleen last month. This one is Finders Keepers. What a cutie pie she is. A bit of a naughty imp though and wouldn’t stop fidgeting while I was trying to work on her shoes, stockings and bloomers, but got those done finally. I loved this colour combination when I first spotted it, would never have thought about using it, but then again, I love bright colours, so why not.


Her little shoes are so cute. I found this little piece of soft purple leather in my stash and it really is just the perfect fit for these shoes. The soles are made using a heavier leather and I also made some heels for her soles with two colours of leather.

I used opposite coloured buttons to her stockings first on the bottom layer, then I added a smaller button on top  to match the stockings, then to finish I stitched the buttons together with opposite coloured thread. Stitched them to the shoes added a drop of glue underneath for added measure.


Things were going well, Her stockings, shoes and bloomers are done and she decided to watch reruns of Project Runway with me while I read over some notes…


The little sneak that she is, when I turned away for a second, she spun around, grabbed my special scissors with her tail and tried to make a run for it….Not so fast my little Imp. I grabbed them just in time. Obviously I will have to keep a much closer eye on her from now on….


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