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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Marie Antoinette Album

My album is done. I went completely and insanely embellishment crazy. So much so, I have to put it on two separate sets of locking rings for the time being. I have to go and get some really big rings if I want it all together. I also have to add a connecting cord from the front to the back cover or all the insert picture will fall out. Yeah I know, but this is like a tribute to Marie Antoinette and if you have seen the movie with Kirsten Dunst you will fully appreciate the exaggerated use of embellishments.

This album is made to house all the pictures of my dolls from the gallery show last fall and my theme was loosely based on Marie Antoinette’s Royal Court.

Lots of pictures today. (click on them to see them larger) The first are all 16 covers, then I’ve added one picture of the type of inserts.  They are all pictures of my dolls from the Coast Collective Gallery show last fall and you can see all my dolls by scrolling down the right column to Labels, and click on My Dolls.

Finally the last picture is to show how I joined all the covers together. I used an awl to make two holes at the narrow end, glued washers on both sides of the end for stability and joined it all together with metal locking rings. (cheapest place for them was the dollar store).


The inserts have some embellishments, but tamed down in order to avoid to much bulk when I slip them inside the coffee filter covers. You can trim them with fibres or tabs or whatever you fancy to give you a way to slide them out of the covers to see the pictures. I also put pictures on both sides of the inserts. Seemed kind of naked to only do one side.


The cover is has a scroll attached to it. Have you wondered what the scroll says…???? Did you even notice????  ;o)  When I cut out the picture for the cover from a greeting card, I caught a glimpse of some words and this is what it said inside. Somehow appropriate for Marie Antoinette and her King Louie.

How sweet the moonlight
sleeps upon this
Here will we sit, and let
the sounds of
Creep in our ears.
Soft stillness and the
Become the touches
of sweet harmony.



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