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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Finally! A Cutting Table

I have hesitated posting this because I didn’t want it to appear as though I was saying, oh look at what I got….yay me…… But this is just the one thing I have waited for, for so long. I learned how to sew in high school and ever since those days I have never had a proper surface to work on. In school you always had those great big tables and it was perfect. Not so much once you leave school.

My choices:

I had a cardboard cutting mat, you probably know the type, they are are all marked off like a grid and they fold up when you’re not using them, and a table made of particle board but not the best surface and not a friendly piece of furniture to move around. Over time the cutting mat just simply wore out and the table started to warp.

Then I would use the dining room table, but of course, unless you can get everything cut out at one time, it means not being able to use the table for meals OR taking all your work off and start over later or the next day.

I also did the crawl around on the hands and knees thing, to lay out the fabric and pattern pieces. Ever try that with slippery fabrics like silk or something similar. Not a pleasant experience, so gave up on that, other than quick and easy cutting projects.

The last attempt was a nice thin piece of wood I found that I thought would work on the dining room table, but of course, that didn’t work either because I still have to take everything apart so we can eat at the table….

The end result…finally a beautiful functional, can leave it set up cutting table. When I do take it down, the side folds down on either side and because it’s on casters, it can be pushed up against the wall out of the way. There are 4 drawers on either side. When fully extended, the table is 6 feet long and the width is 40” wide and 19” in depth. What an absolute joy to have.

It’s a custom made table that our local sewing shop has made. Now my workroom makeover is complete and I’m a happy happy sewer. I don’t need anything else, I now feel that I can properly work and have everything at my finger tips.  I’ve already been working on some projects and I now have a renewed interest in sewing that I haven’t had in a very long time…. Here it is…

table3webI haven’t had it fully open yet, but I will once I pull out the slippery fabrics. Then I won’t have them falling off the surface and I will get a proper cut….. 


The surface is melamine, so lovely and smooth…


1 comment:

  1. Yay, it arrived! Whoopee! I got you some fabric yesterday plus a little extra pressie. Ooh, can't wait to give it to you.



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