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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
If you live locally, come and visit our show. We are 4 Artists now, our new addition is an artist who beautifully restores and repurposes furniture pieces.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

More repurposing

With all my swamping out in the last few weeks, there have been some things that I just can’t part with because I just know if I think a little longer before acting, I can find a way to “make it work”…Thank you Tim Gunn.

I used to teach painting classes from home, and have had over time many ways of organizing my supplies. This is one of those wood pieces. It’s meant to hang on the wall, but you’d bring the wall down hanging this filled with paint bottles. It’s meant to hold those 2 oz. paint bottles and the depth of the slots is 3”. The paints are gone now and the stand remains. This holds 100 bottles and has to be good for something don’t you think.


I found a great use for it. Some time ago I used another wood piece for all my black and white fat quarters. That has worked out great.


I have been wanting to put all my batik fabrics in one place because I would like to make a table topper for my dining room table and some table runners and the thought of trying to find them all in my stash has been putting me off. See where I’m going with this.

I got busy yesterday and hauled out all my fabrics and filtered out the batiks. They are now properly sorted out, rolled up and placed in colours in this new wood stand, and that’s not easy because batiks have so many colour changes. The extras, not a lot, are stacked next to it. It looks great on one of my worktables and now I can actually see what I have.


Today I’m taking a day of rest. I will show you the fruits of my other labours another day…


  1. It's so nice to see someone else store their fabric this way. I recently organized mine and rolled it. It takes up so much less space. I thought for sure if anyone saw this I would be going to fabric jail or something lol!

  2. I burst out laughing at the last part of your comment. I think it's the best way to display your fabric when you can, otherwise you end up in a situation where you buy doubles, and end up in a big mess like the one I just cleaned up.
    Wait till you see the boxes I have filled.........the neighbours will be thinking the next thing to follow is a house for sale sign...



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