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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

On the Buses part 2

After we left Christmas Village, we backtracked a little because hubby wanted to head over to a men’s store. We did that but didn’t find what he was after. Since we were so close, I asked to go to Chintz and Company. Amazing decor options in there. To high end cost wise for this kid, but full of inspiration none the less. Lots of ideas to create similar looks and for less if you just think about it long enough.

From there we walked back toward Government St. where we just came from heading for another men’s store. Along the way we found this chalk artist. He was written up in the paper last week, so I was very glad to have been able to stop and see his work.


Aren’t they beautiful. He loves the old masters and you can tell by the quality of his work.

From there we found the men’s shop, and I didn’t mind at all because I was able to pick up pipe cleaners. The best pipe cleaners for your doll fingers are from the tobacconists. Sadly hubby didn’t find the shaving stuff he was after, but we continued on to the Inner Harbour.

I’m sure it has been photographed a million times because it’s such a view. The Parliament buildings form the backdrop, and one of these days we’re going to do the tour and see what our elected officials do all day. The rest of the Harbour plays host to the many boats that come here from all ports of call. In the good weather months there are horse drawn carts to be found, with those beautiful Clydesdales pulling them. There is a hub of activity most of the year.


Across the street from here, is the old and grand old lady and historic Empress Hotel. Francis Rattenbury was the architect that designed the Parliament Buildings, the Empress Hotel and so much more dating back to the late 1800’s. Follow the links to learn more if you like. He was originally from England, travelled extensively and in the end died in England at the hands of his second wife’s lover. A scandal for sure, and interesting reading.


At the Empress there is a display of Christmas trees. They are decorated by the different organizations and businesses. The general public can view them until the3rd of January. Donations are accepted and the money raised goes to Children’s Hospital, more here. I didn’t take pictures of all them, just to many. I did take a picture of one of them that I especially liked. It was decorated by the Papery. It was decorated with scrolls wrapped with ribbon, laser cut 3d decorations and more. It was just simple and pretty. I couldn’t find a website for them, now I’ll just have to go there in person…..


When we left there we hoped on the first bus that came along, no idea where it would take us but we ended up at Hillside Mall. Big shopping area. We went to the food fair to get some lunch, but it was jam packed with people, so we walked a few blocks to a quieter place. From there were headed back to town, went back to Fan Tan Alley to see shops we didn’t see earlier because they weren’t open, stopped in a couple more shops then grabbed a bus home. We walked so much I can’t even tell you how far. When we got home, the arm on hubby’s sunglasses broke so off to Sidney to get them fixed so I brought mine along to, same issue. They would have cost a lot to fix due to the brand name. They are really old now, we’ve had our sunglasses for at least 20 years, (good brand), but we kissed them goodbye and invested in some new ones and that’s our Christmas gifts…. Busy busy day, but lots of fun.

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