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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Janet’s Tea Shop

I’m sure you’ve heard me mention the tea shop over and over again. Well, that’s because when someone lets you have space in their shop to sell your art pieces, for me it’s important to always let them know how much I appreciate it.

For Christmas this year, I wanted to do something for Janet because she’s just so supportive and inspirational with her enthusiasm. I contacted my friend in Australia, Maria, and commissioned her to design a web template for me. I chose the image from Big Stock Royalty Free Photo’s and Maria got to work creating this beauty of a template.

I got the basics set up for Janet and when she came for dinner the other night I asked her to come and see what I was working on. Of course she’s thinking something doll themed…  I brought up the page and she just look at the page in silence. I thought, oh no, have I made a mistake…. No, it wasn’t that. She was for a moment feeling a bit overwhelmed and told me that others had been telling her she needed to be online. She has no idea how to do that, so I guess I just shocked her by just doing it for her….

After the initial shock, she was fine and now is so excited and has been telling everyone that comes in to check it out. At this point there is some information on there, enough to learn about the shop, but over the next while we’ll be adding pictures and tea information, and a page showing her tea accessories and such.

She has always accepted phone orders, but this way, more people will know about her and the vast selection she carries… If you would like to see the site, please click here… Janet’s Special Teas  There is a menu on “The Teas” page if you’re a tea drinker. She ships all over the world except Australia. The government there doesn’t allow tea to be brought in.


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