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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jesters and Ornaments

The time does fly doesn’t it. I’ve neglected my poor blog, shame on me. I was busy for over a week finishing up my dolls for the Gallery show and with that comes all the labelling, final touches, the once over’s and packing things up.

This is a Jester I started ages ago and is a design by Michelle Munzone. He is meant to be a Marionette but a few months ago I found this cute little castle at Michaels and decided to incorporate him with the castle. I did a stain on the castle and attached him to the top and his name then changed from “Orsino” to “Vigil for His Queen”. Since my theme was Marie Antoinette I was trying to finds ways to make a reference with each doll to that theme. This is his cute little Jester self. He’s a little different in that he’s much bigger than the castle, but it’s the story behind the look that I was going for.

vigilforhisqueen1web  vigilforhisqueen2web

The other thing I did was find this wonderful dress form at a local fabric store. Love that store, always such new and fresh fabrics which of course leads to more inspiration. I’m not a quilter in the traditional sense  but I do work on small projects, so they are my favourite resource for quilting fabrics. It always amazes me how those who design the fabrics continue to come up with new ideas for prints.


Since the theme of the doll show is "the figure”, this seemed to be a great fit. I had some ornaments left over from last Christmas that are corsets, I also had some half finished Merry Maubles from Michelle Munzone and her Pierrot Maubles that she gave as a free design to those who purchase her Merry Maubles pattern.

I decided to use this dress form to display the ornaments and it worked out well. The dress form was displayed in a corner at the Gallery so thankfully the ornaments only had to cover the front. I’ve exaggerated the look here by pushing them close together, but it’s just for the picture. They were much more spread out at the Gallery….


This is the last picture for today. I originally did this piece for a shoe art challenge on Joggles, if you’ve watched my blog for a while you will remember it. It seemed appropriate for my Marie Antoinette theme, so I renamed the piece “Preparing for the Ball”. It was a lot of fun to and especially so if you like to bead. More pictures tomorrow I think….so check back. (Toni, tomorrows pictures are for you…..)


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