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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Snowflake Sprite or Spider-What’s It To Be!!

Colleen Babcock has entrusted her newest design to me again to test for her. I’m so flattered, truly. It’s the total compliment to be asked to do this.  Colleen’s newest design is the most adorable Snowflake Sprite or Spider, but mine is going to be a Christmas Sprite. I don’t think this one will be going to the tea shop for anyone else to enjoy, she’s going to stay here with me. I am so enjoying this project.

I picked out a Christmas print that isn’t immediately obvious to be Christmassy, but it’s working out so well. Because I chose such a different colour scheme, it didn’t occur to me to consider trims. I decided on black lace. Then after I had totally confirmed in my mind that it was going to be black I stood looking like a deer caught in the headlights trying to remember if I had any other black lace because this design calls for lace in several places. Not a lot, but you need two or three choices to keep it interesting.

Off to the store and pick up some dye. I came home with ebony black and proceeded to go through my laces and picked out a few pieces, set about dying them and presto, I now have the most amazing shade of patina. It’s like a cross between charcoal and teal. It went that way because I used off white lace, it’s a wonderful happy accident. I knew it wouldn’t go black because the lace would have had to be white to start with.

Here is a picture of where I’m at and a couple of close ups of the colour of the lace I created. So pleased with it, it’s a gorgeous colour when you see it up close and personal. I hope to have the little Christmas Sprite done in the next couple of days. If you can’t wait, head over to Colleen’s blog and see what the finished piece is like. I swear she has a warehouse full of creativity to go through, each design is so unique.






  1. Hi Romona- Thanks for joining the CDA Blog Hops!


  2. Just out blog hoppin with CDA and wanted to say hi!

  3. Hi Romona,
    Gorgeous as usual, I can see why you are asked to test so many patterns, you do such a wonderful job.



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