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Friday, July 2, 2010

Pierrot Maubles

Michelle Munzone came out with her Merry Maubles pattern in 2007 and since then, I can’t get enough of them. They’re wonderful sellers and gifts when you follow Michelle’s instructions for embellishing them. Before long, you’ll be hooked like I am. I made a slew of them when they came out, some went as gifts, some sold but I kept some for me to. I have one I keep hanging near the computer because I just love them. It’s like having a group of little friends that hang around that watch and inspire as I work.

These Pierrot Maubles are a design from her as well. It’s a bonus pattern that she sent to her customers the following year. I’ve had these poor little guys in pieces since then. But in my defence, I also have a bag full of Maubles in the halfway state and have worked on them in between other things as they can be seasonal depending on what fabric you use.

These would normally have the beading strung on their bottoms as the others have been, but instead, I used beaded trims and attached those below the neck ruffles on all of them. These are going with my display to the doll show. I borrowed some primitive Christmas trees from Andrea and a couple of us will be adorning them with our ornaments. The theme for the show is the figurative art, so along with the Pierrot’s will be some of the corsets I made last Christmas.



My favourite one, maybe because I’m having a black and white moment just now.


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