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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Frank the Frog

If you’re seeing this blog update in your email, it’s because I changed the pictures of Frank. They were so dark and just didn’t look frog like, so I took him outside, and the pictures are much nicer. Now at least he looks green as a frog should. The fabric I didn’t mention before is a spandex and I bought it from a friend who makes dancewear for children. The colour is tricky to photograph because it’s like a hologram, it changes from blue to green and the in between colours. Click here for Cathy’s page at Fabric Traders.


I just finished this for a friend. It’s Felicity Frog by Judith Prior, but it’s going to a guy, so I had to make it a Frank and masculine. I don’t think leaving it as a female would have been a problem, but Frank looks pretty cool to. The only thing I didn’t have was a mini microphone to go with him as my friend goes to Karaoke nights.

I gave him some beat up beach type shorts with a blue suede wrap around his waist, and a blue suede tie to match his blue eyes. The hat came in handy and some of the material from his shorts is wrapped around the brim.

The fabric was an interesting choice. Not to forgiving at the edges so it does start to run. Slow and easy when working with it and it’ll come together. I think poor Frank looks more like the creature from the black lagoon, but I know he’ll be taken good care of in any case…

full DSC00667 head middle feet

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