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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
If you live locally, come and visit our show. We are 4 Artists now, our new addition is an artist who beautifully restores and repurposes furniture pieces.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dress Forms

I’ve started working on my collection of doll art for a show our doll club is hosting in September. It will be at a small but very active gallery called Coast Collective. Currently there are 25 of our members that will be showing their work. The gallery hosts “ A place to bring people together to celebrate our rich cultural heritage on the West Shore.”

I am going to do at least 2 of these dress forms as part of my theme for the show. This costume will not be removable, it’s meant to resemble a change of clothes for the doll that I will using as my focal point. Don’t you hate that I’m giving you clues but nothing more. You’ll see what happens soon…

This is the first part of the first dress form. It’s coming together well. I’m developing the outfit right on the dress form without a pattern, just draping the fabric then pinning and cutting it to fit, then I will stitch it to the form itself. I hope to have the rest done by tomorrow…

The pattern for the dress form is by Lincoln Mold Company and is a free download. Just scroll down the page to find the link. You have to sign up for the newsletter to get the pattern, but they are not intrusive with their newsletter. I modified the instructions for the stand to suit my own ideas. For the stand I used a wooden candle stick and coaster for the bottom. The top is an upside down candle holder with a paper rose on top, as my muse loved flowers of all kinds and the these paper roses seemed perfect for this.



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