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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Other Reno’s

The last of the windows is done. This is the one in the front door we decided to change after the rest were underway. I think it’s the right choice. The original window as you’ll see what an amber colour and single pane and tended to keep the entrance way quite dark.

Apparently at the time the house was built in ‘78, it was legal to have the single pane, or at least there was no rules around single pane. Since then the laws have changed and builders are not allowed to use this type of glass. The reason being is that a person with nafarious intentions could break out the glass and unlock your door and they’re in. It now has to be the double pane and laminated. The laminated part prevents the glass from shattering into a million pieces should it take a hit, like a car windshield.

I love the pattern in the glass, it’s like a frosty window in winter, the kind you get when your windows allow drafts in. Years ago an apt. I lived in, the frost was on the inside of the bedroom window, I could write in it…

frontdoor1frontdoor2 frontdoor3

And in keeping with front door renos, we did this part ourselves last fall. From a silly, no security screen door to one that at least gives some.

olddoorweb newdoorweb

Two other things we did last year. We had the old gutters replaced. From bad to very much better. The old ones used to give us very nice icicles in winter though…tongue firmly planted in cheek ;o)


old3web new4

The last thing to get done last fall, was a new range hood for the stove. Never attempt to do this with your hubby unless you have a stable marriage. We are only very basic handy people and felt we could handle this. We did the front screen door together, so this couldn’t be to bad. HAH !!!!!

An all day project, many moments of holding the new one up, cutting more space away in the cupboard, holding it up again and hours later, KFC for supper because we were to tired and exhausted to cook, and we had a new range hood.

Like I said, don’t try this unless you have a stable marriage. Major pain to do the job, much teeth gnashing and glaring looks back and forth, but success after it was all done. And nobody has any scars to show, so it was okay….;o))))


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